TPiR Quickcap: 1/6/2023

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First Four: Margaret Chu, Patrick Morrison, Sarah Morris and Jessica Eisenbraun
Plinko: Margaret ($1,099) wins $11,700 from five chips (GT: $13,032)

Next up: Paul Hutton
Squeeze Play: Sarah ($501) gets squeezed out of a chance to go to Maui

Next contestant: Victoria Lloyd
Range GamePaul ($1,847) gets on the fence for the Chevy Trax (GT: $24,937)

SCSD #1 Winner: Margaret (Wins $1K — $14,032; Sarah also departs w/ $1,501)

Next up: Marissa Katz
1 Right Price: Patrick ($1,515) locates the right price on the shoes (GT: $9,450)

Next: Kerry Blanton
Hole in One (or Two)Marissa ($2,200) strikes a bogey

Last one up: Sharmaine Gravly
Check Game: Jessica ($1,677) escapes from the FFBC and cashes in to a win (GT: $9,699)

SCSD #2 Winner: Marissa

OH THE HORROR — WE HAVE OUR FOURTH DOUBLE OVER THIS SEASON. SMH. And you could tell w/ the tone of his voice that Drew knew it right off the bat.

Games won: 4 of 6 — Final Total: $61,819

This episode did not air on some stations due to a special report.

My Rating: 6 (D+)

TOO BAD! (Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio)

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 1/6/2023

  1. Unprecedented second play of two PGs this week…but even winning one car in a difficult set-up in an otherwise non-car game (Range Game) cannot save our week.

    Bobby’s Rating – DISALLOWED but we end up with a Losing Week anyway,


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