WoF Quickcap: 1/5/2023


One among this trio could be SKIING IN SWITZERLAND
Shondra Forbes, a married lady to Melvin w/ four kids and is a proud “Glennmother” to Bella who is afraid of heights (anything above 5 ft. to be precise) from Moreno Valley, CA
David Bise, an occupational therapist in Little Rock finishing his PhD in that field at NSU married for three years who also plays in a band for fun (and also hopefully for a little bit of money) from Little Rock, AR
Jamie McMahon Carrillo, a newlywed to Casey (they’ve just celebrated their one-year anniversary and she likes to shower him w/ compliments that start w/ ‘C’) who travels to schools choreographing musicals and show choir across the country and also performed at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular w/ the Rockettes as Mrs. Claus (she couldn’t be a Rockette because she’s 5’3) from Lake Balboa, CA

Final Scores: David: $10,900/Jamie: $14,590 cash & Barbados/Shondra: $7,500

GT: $32,990
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $11,950 + WC

Scary moments

-Too many duds were called.

-You’re NOT gonna believe what happens next…

I N C R E D I B L _
B E A _ T I F _ L
L _ C A T I _ N

David CRASHES VIOLENTLY HARD ON EXPRESS SAYING THE ADJECTIVE FORM OF THE FIRST WORD NOT COUNTING HIS E’s CAREFULLY WHEN ATTEMPTING TO SOLVE DESPITE NOT YET RUNNING OUT OF CONSONANTS, and he’s just thrown away $11,850 plus the expensive $11,190 Barbados trip w/ that EPIC FAIL (and he looked very shocked and confused when he found out about his error) — UNBELIEVABLE! UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!! We got a $0 prize puzzle win as a result (Zonk Contestant and Zonk Answer of the Week nominee).

-We have a cut NULL CYCLE in S-U.

I’m NOT feeling too hopeful after that whole EXPRESS ordeal: PLACE/THING/PHRASE

$100K Bonus Round: Jamie rolls along in a QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD (defeating the QU- trap) in her new maZDa CX-9 Grand Touring worth $46,945 salvaging this TRAINWRECK of an episode (and she twerked on Pat after solving — LOL! 🤣) (Marissa from yesterday will be sweltering tomorrow).

Jamie’s Final Total: $61,535 cash & prizes

New GT: $79,935

My Rating: 5 (D) (all those penalties incl. David’s epic fail on EXPRESS killed my enjoyment, but Jamie was hilarious)

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 1/5/2023

  1. Epic fail in the Main Game, but a car win in the BR. At the very least…if it were THE GONG SHOW, David would get gonged. ZCOTW nominated indeed—but remember last night’s big loser on TPIR PT.

    Despite the car win, because of the Main Game fiasco…

    Bobby’s Rating – 50/50 Split (tomorrow’s show will decide our week).

    Counting ALL of today’s shows…
    FINAL COUNT – 3 cars (2 of which were in Bonus Rounds incl. the Low SC), 2 DDs, 2 F!s (with the new J! champ), the MD, and the usual trip.
    BLOOD COUNT – 3 cars (to go even Steven with our autos today), the non-car BD, 1 DD, the J! Cardinal Sinner, the outgoing J! champ, and $23K in C & P thrown away here.

    None of our major shows were winning today.

    Have a better Prime Time than today’s Daytime, folks. All of this week will be decided at this time tomorrow.


  2. Hoo boy, David’s epic EXPRESS fail was excruciating to watch, but thank goodness for Jamie’s car win in the BR. And that BR puzzle was actually used as a Speed-Up puzzle on Jan. 20, 2016 featuring that foul-mouthed Christine Kennard.

    My Rating: 5 (D) (no thanks to David’s epic fail)

    BTW, the BANKRUPT trash is actually $11,950, and you got the puzzle setup wrong.


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