WoF Quickcap: 1/2/2023


First theme of the new year: ❄️Winter Hideaway❄️

Two men kicking off 2023
Chelsea Carr, a 3rd grade teacher at Westernport by day and rock band singer on the weekend for six years engaged to Michael for four years who’s also played professional horseshoes for about eight years (her nickname is “Little Sixer”) from Cumberland, MD
Matthew Warren, an IT worker and vinyl record collector (he has over 600 of them) married to Katie for over a decade from Charleston, SC (he appeared on JEOPARDY! on Nov. 25, 2010 and finished in 2nd place; he is itsmwar on BAV)
Khalid Hart, a content creator who used to be the mascot (Ekho the Dolphin) at California State Univ. Channel Islands and collects wrestling belts & hockey jerseys from L.A.

Final Scores: Khalid: $3,750/Chelsea: $3K/Matthew$23,700 cash & Riviera Maya WC

GT: $30,450
Khalid’s Bankrupt Trash: $1,350

Scary moments

-Things got off to a BAD START on the opening toss-up…

S N _ W
F L _ R _ _ _ S

Khalid blows it w/ SNOW FLOWERS — this ain’t LIVING THINGS, dude! -__- If it weren’t for him solving the R2 puzzle, I probably would’ve given him an INSTANT DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG award to start ’23 just for that.

-In R1…

T _ _ N _ S / A R E
S T A R T _ N _ / T O
_ O O _ / _ _

THINGS ARE (NOT) STARTING TO LOOK GOOD here, because Chelsea blows the $5,650 solve for not counting the O’s carefully.

-In R3…

T O _ R I _ _
A _ _ I E _ T / R _ I _ S

Chelsea FLUNKS OUT on the next pick of M, so we got a $0 prize puzzle win as a result and at that point I thought we were about to have a repeat of last Thursday’s debacle.


First SUV on offer for 2023: maZDa CX-9 Grand Touring

$100K Bonus Round: Matthew shows that he was WORKING HARD to turn this episode around for $40K.

Matthew’s Final Total: $63,700 cash & Riviera Maya

New GT: $70,450

My Rating: 6 (D+)

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-)

Unfortunately, that is our twentieth car shutout of the season.

3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 1/2/2023

  1. A few mistakes in the Main Game, not much in the Trust, but we do hit the mid-range BR.

    Bobby’s Rating – A tick better at 7 of 10 (Winning Show)

    Sadly, we result in the first Total Daytime Car Wipeout of the second half of our Game Show Season, as well as the first of this New Year.

    FINAL COUNT – the MD, the Low SC, 1 DD, 2 F!s (with the ongoing J! champ), and $65K+ in cash games.
    BLOOD COUNT – all 4 cars offered (incl. the High SC), the everything-but-the-car BD, 2 DDs, and 1 F!.

    J! was our only major Winning Show today.

    Enjoy NFL and the rest of Prime Time!


  2. The first episode of the new year started to look a lot like last Thursday’s fiasco judging by Chelsea’s blown solve in Round 1 and her bombout in the PP/Express Round… until Matthew helped turn things around by sweeping the Triple Toss-Ups and finishing with a $40K BR win (fourth Monday win in a row) despite that EVIL category list showing up.

    My Rating: 7 (C-)


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