WoF Quickcap: 12/29/2022


These people are GETTING ALL DRESSED UP to play
Bree Pecci, a lady who enjoys sparkling wine and a crossword puzzle fan from Washington D.C.
Mary Guenthart, a married lady to John for 23 years w/ an 18-yr.-old daughter Jessica who’s the great great great great niece of former president George Washington by marriage and enjoys watching old British TV shows such as “Masterpiece Theatre” from Upland, CA
Joseph Moore, a married man to Regina w/ five kids (this couple met through a mutual friend while he was doing upside-down pull-ups and she was in a Mexican restaurant across the street) who can learn the Cambodian language by visiting a donut shop from De Kalb, TX

Final Scores: Mary: $4K/Joseph: $5,650/Bree: $10,500 cash & Carribean

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $14,700

Scary moments

I WROTE IT ON A STICKY NOTE that Joseph would make an unnecessary house minimum solve in R1 after a PAINFUL BANKRUPT flushed $9,850 away from Mary.

-Chock-full of penalty spins in R2 which resulted in us being only $800 over the minimum to this point assuming both opening toss-ups were solved.

-Same for R3, and…

M _ / _ _ _ N _ / N E _
_ _ _ M _ _ _ T

Joseph FLUNKS OUT w/ Oand we got a $0 prize puzzle win as Bree makes the same mistake as him from R1 (although Pat said “You mean you don’t want to spin the wheel after the bankrupt festival?” and she responded w/ “not after two in a row”).

-On the first RHYME TIME triple toss-up…

L E G A L / _ A G L E

Mary goes overboard by a letter w/ LEGAL BEAGLEso we have already a record pace of our fourth TRIPLE STUMPER at this of the season — UGH. -__-

-Although we had extra time in R4, it didn’t matter because…

_ T _ _ I N G / O _ _
I N T O / _ _ _ _ E

Mary makes a CRITICAL PURCHASE of U. Also, Joseph calls a singular R instead of the multiple F’s.

I DON’T think it could get any worse: THING/EVENT/PHRASE

…or can it? -___-

$100K Bonus Round: That was A BOLD CHOICE by Bree to pick that category… for all the wrong reasons as she loses the $45K and becomes the new lowest-scoring winner this season (and she was JUST $250 SHORT of setting a new RECORD-LOW winning total of the Triple Toss-Up era).

My Rating: 0.5 (Z-) (just tragic)

Ant0824’s Rating: 1 (Absolute the worst episode of the entire season)

Mythman’s Rating: 0/10 (Utter Embarrassment of this Show)

This puts 2/23, 3/30 & 6/1 from last season to shame. -___-

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 12/29/2022

  1. Well, if you thought last Friday’s episode was bad, this one is MUCH worse. A house minimum solve, a $0 PP win, a TRIPLE STUMPER, another THING picker for the second time this week, a new Triple Toss-Up era lowest grand total and lowest scoring winner, and a $45K loss makes this particular episode the WORST EPISODE OF S40. Not even the extra time in Round 4 could help save this episode.

    My Rating: 1 (F-)


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