TPiR Quickcap: 12/27/2022

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First Four: Otto Evans, Nancy Butler, Reynaldo Montemayor and Alexis Baier
Double Prices: Reynaldo ($1,234) doubles up to Jackson Hole (GT: $7,799)

$10K on that, Alexis?! -__-

Next: Tyler Wentworth
Card GameAlexis ($730) draws a winning hand BY $20! (GT: $22,110)

Next coming on down: Sade Mercer
Grocery Game: Otto ($2,300) goes over w/ the Doritos

SCSD #1 Winner: Otto
Dud Spins: Alexis (2x)

Next up: Lawrence Scott
Pocket ChangeNancy (FF sweep and by default; $1,064) can’t afford the Altima

Next: Jessica Qattawi
One Wrong Price: Sade ($3,169) falls for the all-too-good scam on the bicycle

Last calldown: Cynthia Johnson
Plinko: Lawrence (by default; $598) wins $11,500 from three chips (GT: $12,176)

SCSD #2 Winner: Nancy (Spin-Off)

Showcase Winner: Otto ($32,148)

Does anybody else get the feeling that Otto knew Nancy would go over on her showcase by that much?

Games won: 3 of 6 — Final Total: $78,466

My Rating: 7 (C-)

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 12/27/2022

  1. Odd bid on Otto’s winning High SC for a car. Who in Hades name bids $19K? Cars aren’t even that much average price. Lucky for him the opponent went over. Center slot hit in Plinko in a weak Act II (Pocket Change—Car Game #2–blew big time); great Act I play with a Card Game win.

    Bobby’s Rating – same as above (Winning Show)

    Note in passing… “officially” labels any partial win in Plinko a Loss since, by their “rules”, if the whole possible amount is not won it is automatically a loss, so therefore in their “universe” we had a skunked Act II.

    We here think differently. As long as the Center Slot is hit at least once, Plinko is, by our standards, declared a win. The people at CBS think so too, otherwise if they took seriously, Lawrence would not have been declared Act II’s Top Winner with the Last Place Advantage, and therefore would, in all likelihood, lost the draw in who goes where on the SCSD, and he would have gone 2nd or 1st, and the odds would have been in favor of car game loser Nancy as she would have won the right to be Top Winner—remember folks, a skunked half throws things into chaos in terms of determining the order of play on the Big Wheel, and therefore a draw determines the SCSD playing order.

    Confused? I hope not.


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