25 Words Quickcap: 12/19/2022


Challengers w/ Matt Iseman: Xander & Seth (roommates who bonded over Harry Potter)
Champs w/ Orlando Jones: Kendall & Reilly (mom/daughter who were at the ’12 London Olympics) — 1-day Los Establos

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: DOT, FOLD, COLESLAW, COBRA & TRAMP; Bid: 15 (Orlando)- Folds on FOLD
Turn #2 answers (Xander v. Kendall): HARD HAT, ROBBER, WISH, JAIL & PORK; Bid: 14 (Xander)- Double

Superfan of the Day: Kelly (FOX 23- owns 2 rescue dogs)

Turn #3 answers: BELT, SNEAK, MILITARY, MIST & CHEERS; Bid: 16 (Reilly)- BLOWS IT on MIST w/ “MISTER” (Challengers: 750; Champs: 0)

Round 2
Green Words (250): PISTACHIO, GENTLEMEN, KNIFE, TEXAS (Orlando) & BRA (Matt)
Yellow Words (500): JACKHAMMER (Matt), BREATHE (Matt- “Slotomania”), DISCO (Matt), ROTOR & TOYOTA (Orlando)
Red Words (1000): COLOR BLIND (Orlando), FRUIT CUP (Orlando), 24/7 (Orlando- “Slotomania”), KILLER WHALE (Matt) & “HOT GIRL SUMMER”

At Stake: Matt (2750); Orlando (3750)

Challengers: Runs board (4.5K)
Champs: Miss FRUIT CUP (Caroline’s Cakes + Los Establos)

Kendall & Reilly, that was not well played at all. -__-

Money Round: Xander gets three wrong so Altra it is for them.

My Rating: 4 (F+)

Stamp of Rejection v3

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