WoF Quickcap: 12/12/2022


We’re NOT too confident in how Week 2 of 🎄Disney Secret Santa 2022🎄 will go.

These next three Secret Santas left to right are FEELING FESTIVE
Laura Fagan, a goat milker making goat soap who wears Mickey earrings married to Matthew for nearly a decade from Alexander City, AL
Alyssa Tatesure, a list maker like Pat from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jason Hendrickson, a pastor of Restoration Tabernacle, author & gospel singer from Brooklyn, NY

Final Scores: Laura$52,190 cash & Expedition/Alyssa: $4K/Jason: $3,300

GT: $59,490
Alyssa’s Bankrupt Trash: $2,250 cash & GC

Scary moments

-In R2, Jason calls a CRITICAL L for LOSS OF TURN to throw away $14,140 cash & Disneyland — I was afraid that was going to happen.

-The triple toss-up segment was a tad shaky.

-S-U took too long and it started w/ an intact NULL CYCLE.

Could this night become more festive with: THING/PHRASE/EVENT

$100K Bonus Round: We don’t know whether or not it’s Laura’s birthday, but we will throw her a $40K BIRTHDAY BASH anyway!

Laura’s Final Total: $92,190 cash & Expedition

New GT: $99,490

My Rating: 7 (C)

Skipps’ Rating: 9 (A-)

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 12/12/2022

  1. Although it has already been established elsewhere that no cars will be offered here this week (and therefore today resulted in a Total Daytime Car Shutout), at least we closed Monday on a winning note with a BR win. Ok main game before that…loved that first Toss Up puzzle! Laura saves our Monday from total oblivion!

    Bobby’s Rating – 8 of 10 (Winning Show, breaking our BR Losing Streak)

    FINAL COUNT – 2 DDs, the new J! champ, the SD, 2 trips (incl. the Low SC), the $40K here, and a boat.
    BLOOD COUNT – All 4 cars offered (incl. the High SC), a trip in the BD, 1 DD, the 3xS in F!, and the 1-and-done J! champ.

    This show was the only Major Winning Show today.

    Enjoy NFL and Part I of THE VOICE finale! Back tomorrow!


  2. Laura’s $10K MW win, successful EXPRESS run, expensive Prize Puzzle win, and a $40K BR win made the start of the second week of the sweepstakes a very magical one indeed and almost sets a new maingame win record this season! Of course, the one major downer came from Jason’s unfortunate dud of L to lose $7,950 plus that DISNEYLAND trip.

    My Rating: 9 (A-)


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