LMaD Quickcap: 12/12/2022

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 0

Car Wins?: No

Zonk Victims: Shannon, Johnny

BD revealed numerical order (Whitney (Default)- gives up Prizes Totaling $5,739):
SD (#2): 65″ HDTV, premium surround sound system & SONY PS5 ($5,026)- FLAMEOUT
MD (#1): Valley Leather L.R. ($6,600)
BD (#3): Island Windjammers cruise & trip to Greece ($20,795) + $10K

$10K Lost to: Royce (at least $10)

Jill: Computer mouse (T)($500)- $
Courtney: Piece of fruit ($300)- $
Melissa: Up to 4 keys- M-O

My Rating: 2

Skipps’ Rating: 0 (Z-) (This was a not-so-Mega Monday. Period.)

Bad News Bear (not to be confused w/ the Stamp of Rejection)

One thought on “LMaD Quickcap: 12/12/2022

  1. Beginning a new CBS week with a flameout (no car, no BD, no perfect week)…what else is new, folks?

    Bobby’s Rating – 1 of 10 (Losing Show)


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