25 Words Quickcap: 12/7/2022


Challengers w/ Dan Bucatinsky: Andrew & Ben (childhood friends)
Champs w/ Angelique Cabral: William & Sally (puzzle buddies) — 1-day $10K

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: CHECK, GARLIC, DRESSING, REVERSE & MOTH; Bid: 15 (Dan)- Worded out on GARLIC and MOTH
Turn #2 answers (Andrew v. William): SILVERWARE, UP, LIFESAVER, YANKEES & PHARMACY; Bid: 15 (William)- Extends their lead

Superfan of the Day: Pamela (KTTV Fox 11 L.A.- her 13yo. granddaughter had a baking mishap)

Turn #3 answers: THONG, MATTEL, CLIMATE, BAD & FACEBOOK; Bid: 16 (Ben)- Off the schneid (Challengers: 250; Champs: 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): CATWALK (Angelique), SLIP, BATMAN (Angelique), FACT & HOUSE
Yellow Words (500): HOSTILE (Dan), FIERCE (Dan), FLASH  (Dan), PRUNE (Dan) & HOUSEKEEPER (Angelique)
Red Words (1000): PROPHET, GOODWILL (Angelique), DOOM PATROL, RAIN FOREST (Angelique) & HOUSE ARREST (Dan)

At Stake: 3000 each

Challengers: Run the board (4250)
Champs (must sweep to win): SUCCESS (Andrew & Ben leave w/ Buttercloth)

Money Round: William doubles up his team’s total winnings and guarantees a winning MR week

My Rating: 8 (B)

Stamp of Approval v2

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