25 Words Quickcap: 12/6/2022


Challengers w/ Dan Bucatinsky: William & Sally (puzzle buddies)
Champs w/ Angelique Cabral: Nicole & Aaron (engaged couple) — 1-day $10K

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: CREW, DEPUTY, KNOB, NORTH POLE & WAITER; Bid: 10 (Angelique)- DQ’d from an illegal clue for WAITER and also passed on CREW
Turn #2 answers (William v. Nicole): DRIZZLE, TAILOR, AXLE, BRADY & LIE; Bid 17 (Dan)- Gets LIE on the wire

Superfan of the Day: Sylvia (KTXH MY20 Vision- has puppy named Cookie)

Turn #3 answers: PUDDLE, HOVER, DRESSER, TUCK & FOUL; Bid: 17 (Sally)- This playing was literally FOUL and champs go on board (Challengers: 500; Champs: 250)

Round 2
Green Words (250): SWEET POTATO, YELLOW, BLESS YOU (Dan), 747 (Angelique) & CURTAIN (Dan)
Yellow Words (500): DAMAGE (Dan), FAMILY GUY (Angelique), GHOST STORY, CRANBERRY SAUCE (Dan) & CONNECT (Angelique)
Red Words (1000): TREMBLE (Angelique), FORTUNATE (Dan), WONDERFUL (Angelique), DETER & SKEE-BALL

At Stake: Dan (2500); Angelique (3250)

Challengers: SWEEP ‘EM ALL (4K)
Champs (Must sweep to win): Miss tremble (Nicole & Aaron depart w/ novica plus $10K)

Money Round (William): Gets all of them for $10K

My Rating: 6 (D+)

Ant0824’s Rating: 7

One thought on “25 Words Quickcap: 12/6/2022

  1. All of this week’s episodes are available to watch free on tubitv.com no account needed, which is how I managed to get today’s (& yesterday’s; I also helped fill in for Bobbymgsk this way via worldofskippslargo.wordpress.com only missing the at-home prize) results up and I could know in advance how this week played out. Really useful for whenever Bobbymgsk isn’t available.

    No I did not find the other four shows on there.


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