Contestant of the Week for November 28-December 2, 2022

Cris Pannullo has sole possession of Contestant of the Week this time around surviving some tough competition to make it through the week now w/ a 20-day total of $710,865! Not to mention we had another SEASON-HIGH combined Coryat on Monday in a game where Cris went into FJ! w/ $39,800 which was BARELY a runaway. And he also made gutsy wagers on Tuesday to come from behind and win after an otherwise underwhelming game.

Honorable mentions:

-After the November car game GOOSEEGG on LMaD Jenn snapped that month-plus-long drought w/ a win on Accelerator to start December.

-BD losing streak ended on Wednesday on the day this month’s fate was sealed.

-Monday through Thursday saw four prize trip wedge wins and no BANKRUPTs on Wheel, and Gina Gonzalez-Scallon representing Puerto Rico made me proud as a fellow L.I. native by becoming this season’s first $50K winner during that stretch (and speaking of Long Islanders, we also had one on J! Thursday in the form of Jeri Zulli from East Setauket, and also on that same day, we had a whopping $59,546 GT before the second of two consecutive MDBRs and third over the last two weeks after not having one since late Sept.), although a bid for a clean sweep in both those categories ultimately fell short on Friday (PBRW bid already ended on Wednesday although we wouldn’t have got it anyway after securing a winning BR week Thursday and ending 3-2).

Couple Elliott & Bo from LMaD are your Zonk Contestants of the Week after trading away their trip to Queen Kapiolani Hotel worth $8,254 to go for the Big Deal but ended up w/ the Small Deal to trigger A FOURTH CONSECUTIVE BD KNOCKOUT (after April triggered a third straight one for the first time since Oct. 2017) POSSIBLY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN THE SHOW’S ENTIRE 60-YEAR HISTORY (or at least the history of the show’s current iteration), and oh boy things were looking really bad to start the week as any perfect deals won at the point were all traded away (but thankfully the week somewhat turned around from there).

Dishonorable mentions:


-Not to take away from the car game drought being snapped on 12/1, we did have a heartbreaking bailout in Remember When.

-Sonia Magwood Morales became the first civilian on Wheel this season to make the grave mistake of picking THING for her MDBR and triggered a TAPING-DAY WASHOUT on the Veterans Week set, although luckily she only lost the $40K and ended up being off the hook in a disappointing Friday episode.

-Thursday’s FJ! clue disturbed some viewers w/ the NSFW word in the title of a Shakespearean play (on a G-rated show!), which, surprisingly, didn’t receive backlash from the media, but the contestants that day did go VIRAL for not knowing who Gene Kelly is. Click the “Read More” tag and scroll down further if you would like to see the full clue (READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED)…

“Now meaning someone with nocturnal habits, it catches a sleeping dove in Shakespeare’s ‘The Rape of Lucrece’.”

One thought on “Contestant of the Week for November 28-December 2, 2022

  1. Strange title, Skipps.

    Anyway, here is how we close the books on Week 12 of our Game Show Season…

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 2 cars (one in our only Main Game car win on LMAD, and our only Car Bonus Round win on WHEEL), 14 DDs, 8 F!s, the 20x J! champ, 2 BDs, 3 SDs, 6 trips, and $100K+ in cash games.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 7 cars (again more won than lost), only 1 DD, 7 F!s (incl. the 3xS from Jennings on Monday), 3 BDs, $76K+ in cash, one trip, and two Cardinal Sinners.
    OVERALL RATING THIS WEEK – 18 of 20 (Primetime) + 6.66 of 10 (Daytime) = 24.66 of 30 (Overall Winning Week – but only because TPIR was absent of original shows this week).

    Both Griffin shows were our major Winning Shows this week.

    Enjoy football this weekend…back again on Sunday!


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