Contestant of the Week for November 14-18, 2022

Praveen Pamidi from Thursday’s WoF episode is your Contestant of the Week thanks to his dominant maingame racking up $52,384 cash & two trips before even heading to the Bonus Round, and then winning the Lincoln Corsair worth $45,070 for a final total of $97,454 cash & prizes, just $2,546 shy of winning $100K the hard way!

Just a couple of honorable mentions:

-John Sholl had a similar outing on Monday w/ $43,550 cash & prizes before the BR before adding another $40K to that, but the bad news is, he would’ve added $40K more to that had he not risked his XL wedge for the $10K flipping the MW.

-We had our second Celeb J! total clean sweep this season.

De’Shawna Yamini from Tuesday’s WoF episode is your Zonk Contestant of the Week. Although she, too, had a big maingame w/ $46,690 cash & prizes and brought the WC along…

…OH, WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT WE WOULD HAVE $100,000 LOSSES IN DAY 2 OF BOTH XL WEEKS?! SHE’S THE SECOND SUCH CIVILIAN LOSER THIS SEASON. Man, did that really have to happen on Andy’s tenth anniversary blogging?! -____-

I really don’t feel like listing too many honorable/dishonorable mentions this week. I’ve already had enough headaches about this week from a lousy Celeb WoF episode, aforementioned $100K loss, ongoing car game skunk on LMaD and that show’s week ended in a downward spiral, heartbreaking bailouts & total trainwrecks in the Fremantle shows, the controversial Wednesday FJ! clue costing Sam Buttery the game (but he did get some poetic justice getting a win Friday), lackluster Wheel episode to follow up on the $100K loss on Wednesday and the frustrating Friday episode and false hype for a MDBR in the promos.

2 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for November 14-18, 2022

  1. Don’t worry, Skipps, Bobby Mgsk will fill the gaps for you at:

    That said, here are the final stats for this week, including the two TPIR episodes Bobby did not cover due to $ Game’s play on Wednesday…

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 7 cars, 17 DDs, 8 F!s, 2 BDs, 2 SDs, 1 MD, 4 High SCs, 1 Low SC, 6 trips, $56K+ in cash games, and 2 boats.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 12 cars (more lost than won), 4 DDs, 10 F!s (incl. the 2 3xS’ by Jennings), $230K+ in cash games, 2 Cardinal Sinners, 4 Low SCs, 1 High SC, and 3 BDs.

    When all the statistics for all shows are counted, J! ends up our only major show with a Winning Week—all others were Losing Ones.

    Programming note: Special programs next Thanksgiving week will alter our schedule a bit. Due to the American Music Awards this Sunday, both Primetime Griffin shows will not be seen. And also, due to Thanksgiving Day programming Thursday and Friday, we will have a shortened CBS Game Show Week of 3 days (in other words, LMAD and TPIR will not be seen Thursday or Friday). Our Griffin shows in syndication will be unaffected, but will in some cases be pre-empted or delayed on Thursday on NBC affiliates due to NFL football, so please check your local listings.

    And again, if you have anyone to complain to about this week’s WHEEL, call CBS!

    Ok, stay safe…back on Monday for a new Game Show Week with LMAD.


  2. Next week, 3 days of New TPiR & LMaD Episodes and the Week after LMaD will be airing new episodes while TPiR will have repeat episodes and We will have 2 weeks of Repeated Episodes of 25 words or less this upcoming Monday,


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