WoF Quickcap: 11/17/2022


Two men in this three CAPACITY CROWD
Praveen Pamidi, a sneakerhead hunting for rare hard-to-find sneakers which he calls them “grail shoes” (most of the sneakers he buys are based off of a couple of his favorite basketball players) from Orlando, FL
Julie Carson, a recently retired junior high & high math teacher after 34 yrs. married for 29 years w/ two adult children (she also plays pickleball & works out at the YMCA) from Findlay, OH
Jamiersen Green, an anime enthusiast (dreams to go to Japan one day for it; he appreciates all the animation and all the hours that go into it) who’s also into sneakers for pretty much his whole life (20 years; he currently owns **150** of those and he says you’re not supposed to count them!) from Harlem, NY (orig. from Flint, MI)

Final Scores: Jamiersen: $6,100/Praveen: $52,384 cash & trips/Julie: $7,400

GT: a grand $65,884!!!

Scary moments

-For the second triple toss-up themed around weddings…

_ _ _ _ _ _ G
_ _ _ _ _ _

Ugh, JamiersenWEDDING GUESTS fits under PEOPLE. -__-

-We had a cut NULL CYCLE during S-U.


$100K Bonus Round: Praveen finds the Lincoln Corsair worth $45,070 waiting for him inside this AIRPLANE HANGAR.

Praveen’s Final Total: $97,454 cash & prizes

New GT: $110,954

My Rating: 9 (A-)

Ant0824’s Rating: High 9.75

Stamp of Approval v2

3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 11/17/2022

  1. Brevity by our players today, especially for the Big Winner – who averts the Total Daytime Car Wipeout with a car in the BR. Although his cash and prizes fell $3,000 short of $100K, he still won big!

    Bobby’s Rating – PERFECT 10! (Winning Show)

    Counting ALL 4 major shows today (per Skipps’ site’s rules and regulations)…
    FINAL COUNT – Our only car here, the 3xG in our DDs, the usual trip, and the MD.
    BLOOD COUNT – 4 cars (incl. one sacrificed in a Good Bailout, meaning more lost/sacrificed than won), the non-car BD, and the 3xS in our F!s.

    This show was the only major winning show today.

    The fate of Amy and the $1M promo is still up in the air. Was the promo a fake one? Will Amy become a MegaChamp on J!? And who will take the Top and Bottom titles in Game Show Land? We will have answers tomorrow.

    Meantime, enjoy NFL!


  2. All I can say is, what a night for Praveen! Largely thanks that big EXPRESS run which resulted in a MAJOR PR of just over $30K, he just set yet another maingame record this season!! And his nice car win in the BR is the golden cherry on top! 😃

    My Rating: 9 (A-)


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