WoF Quickcap: 11/17/2022


Two men in this three CAPACITY CROWD
Praveen Pamidi, a sneakerhead hunting for rare hard-to-find sneakers which he calls them “grail shoes” (most of the sneakers he buys are based off of a couple of his favorite basketball players) from Orlando, FL
Julie Carson, a recently retired junior high & high math teacher after 34 yrs. married for 29 years w/ two adult children (she also plays pickleball & works out at the YMCA) from Findlay, OH
Jamiersen Green, an anime enthusiast (dreams to go to Japan one day for it; he appreciates all the animation and all the hours that go into it) who’s also into sneakers for pretty much his whole life (20 years; he currently owns **150** of those and he says you’re not supposed to count them!) from Harlem, NY (orig. from Flint, MI)

Final Scores: Jamiersen: $6,100/Praveen: $52,384 cash & trips/Julie: $7,400

GT: a grand $65,884!!!

Scary moments

-For the second triple toss-up themed around weddings…

_ _ _ _ _ _ G
_ _ _ _ _ _

Ugh, JamiersenWEDDING GUESTS fits under PEOPLE. -__-

-We had a cut NULL CYCLE during S-U.


$100K Bonus Round: Praveen finds the Lincoln Corsair worth $45,070 waiting for him inside this AIRPLANE HANGAR.

Praveen’s Final Total: $97,454 cash & prizes

New GT: $110,954

My Rating: 9 (A-)

Ant0824’s Rating: High 9.75

Stamp of Approval v2


J! Quickcap: 11/17/2022 — Tournament of Champions Finals Game 4

Jeopardy! logo

Total Wins
-Amy Schneider: 1
-Sam Buttery: 0
-Andrew He: 2

Sam was unfortunately a victim of controversy in yesterday’s FJ! (which cost him the game) over the conflict of authorship between the Romans and Hebrews of The New Testament. Read more about it HERE.

Correct/Incorrect: 57/5
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts (all by Amy): 2/3

Unplayed Clues (Pts. left on the board): 0 (0)

Coryat Score: 43,600 (+13,200 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: 4,800 from 3 triple stumpers (-8,000 and -8 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 5,600 (-5,200 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: Amy: 25K/Sam: 20K/Andrew: 6,800 (Combined: 51,800)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 0 (Who is Joseph Conrad?)

Expected this to be a triple stumper.


Winner: Amy (19,000 (2 wins))

Wins so far: Andrew & Amy: 2 each; Sam: 0

My Rating: 7 (C+)

TPiR Quickcap: 11/17/2022

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Monica Petroff, Gina Seay Holmes, Zermeen Vakil and Joshua Pecjak
1/2 Off: Joshua ($979) gets the dull half but gets the $1K bonus (GT: $2,571)

Next up: Patrick Schwartz
Double Prices: Monica ($2,209) doubles up for vacation (GT: $8,694)

Next up: Jaylyn O’Keefe
Line ’em UpPatrick ($599) lines up to disappointment

SCSD #1 Winner: Patrick (Wins $1K — $1,599)
Dud Spin: Monica (2nd spin)

Next calling: Linda McCollum
Vend-O-Price: Linda ($1,310) cooks up a splendid lunch for herself (GT: $21,410)

Next: Kyle Lyons
Lucky SevenZermeen ($1,826) runs out of bucks for a Car Wipeout

Last call of the day: Kelli Malin
Race Game: Jaylyn ($1,502) DNFs into a TOTAL TRAINWRECK ENDING

Off to the FFBC: Gina

SCSD #2 Winner: Linda

Showcase Winner: Patrick ($43,912)

Games won: 2 of 6 — Final Total: $79,915

This episode did not air on some stations due to a special report.

My Rating: 4 (F+) (at least the winnings were decent)

Ant0824’s Rating: 5


Huge DNF for Race Game.

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Gina is out of luck.

LMaD Quickcap: 11/17/2022

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 2

Car Wins?: No

Zonk Victims: Jen, Neila
Zonk Survivor: Jessica

Big Deal revealed by increasing values (Jessica (Default) – Surrenders her Prizes ($10,454)):
SD (#3): LG stackable W/D + woven baskets ($2,698)
MD (#1): APT 2B living rm incl. rug & media cabinet + GooseCreek candles ($6,608)- X
BD (#2): EVERYTHING incl. WG at Amazon Garden Eco Lodge Boutique in Peru ($10,562) + $2K

Perfect Deals dropped to: 1

$500 QD (Chad): Coffee filter (Tiffany)- $

My Rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D)

25 Words Quickcap: 11/17/2022


Challengers w/ Dan Bucatinsky: Timothy & Leeanne (teacher buddies)
Champs w/ Angelique Cabral: Patrick & Tim (boyfriends) – Vacation Pkg so Far

Turn #1 answers: PEEL, OYSTER, WORK, MOOSE & BATTER; Bid: 14 (Dan)- Blurted out WORK
Turn #2 answers (Timothy v. Patrick): GO, FLOWER, CONFESS, HELIUM & PARDON; Bid: 14 (Patrick)- Extends Lead

Superfan of the Day: Kyle (WLNE- owns a pug)

Turn #3 answers: COSTUME, SIX, DOME, NECK & ROOT BEER; Bid: 16 (Tim)- Goes 3-3 (Challengers 0 – Champs 750)

Round 2
Green Words (250): WORST, NOW, CRASH(Angelique), SOFT, ARM
Yellow Words (500): RUNG(Angelique), LAVA(Dan), BELLY FLOP(Dan), PRESSURE(Angelique), CONTINENT(Angelique)
Red Words (1,000): PRENUP(Dan), CROCHET(Angelique), ACAI, PHOTOSYNTHESIS(Dan), TAX RETURN(Dan)

On the line: Challengers – 4000 & Champs – 2750

Champs: Missed PRESSURE (2250) 3K
Challengers (Must Get 3K to Tie): Ran out of words on TAX RETURN (Tie Game)
SD: Timothy came up with 3 MUSKETEERS to Become New Champs (Champs Booted with Buttercloth & Vacation Package (Losing Week for Champs))

Money Round: Timothy gets Timed out on 8 right – They have to settle for a Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

My rating: 5

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D-)