WoF Quickcap: 11/14/2022

Don’t forget to enter each night’s Prize Puzzle this week on the WoF site for your chance to win an XL deal.


This week’s theme: ✨Wheel of Fortune XL II✨ (Don’t forget about the rules of the special wedges from the first XL week and its sixth episode from AG week)

Contestants kicking off a week potentially as big as some WILD ELEPHANTS
John Sholl, a member of the organization Big Brother for the last 6.5 years w/ his little brother Humberto (he’s set to graduate from high school this year) from Nashua, NH
Christen White, an engaged lady to Charlie from Brandon, MS
Randi Kory, a lady who collects hundreds of stubs to concerts since she started going to live events in her early teens from Hollywood, CA

Final Scores: ChristenDESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG/Randi: $3K/John$43,550 cash & prizes

GT: $47,550
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $2,450 + XL

Scary moments

-Ugly R2 which included an insta-dud of T from Christen on the MW (but that didn’t matter as John had the opportunity to flip that same one but it turned out to be the wrong one anyway, which, by the way, was an unnecessary risk for his XL wedge) along w/ many other duds & BANKRUPTs, most notably this…

S M O R _ A S _ O R D

Christen causes the audience to groan w/ P for pitiful dud and throws away her chance at the million w/ that — I know this is a hard word to figure out, but gimme a break girl! -__- Brandi then ultimately SPINGLES and solves for the minimum.

-R3 didn’t fare too much better w/ the duds.

BR categories: PHRASE/F&D/THING

XL set of wheels for the wk.: Lincoln Corsair

$100K Bonus Round: John savors this piece of GUAVA CAKE (Curse of Monday and losing streak snapped) and says “Aloha!” to another $40K.

John’s Final Total: $83,550 cash & prizes (But the bad news is, he would’ve added $40K more to that had he not risked his XL wedge for the $10K flipping the MW)

New GT: $87,550

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Adam’s Rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-) (dreadful Rds. 2 & 3))

My Rating: 7 (C+)

Don’t ever scare us like that again.

Christen, just get out of here and we got a James Holzhauer in the house.


J! Quickcap: 11/14/2022 — Tournament of Champions Finals Game 1

Jeopardy! logo

We Begin the Tournament of Champions Final with the Best of Seven Series.  Whoever wins 3 Games First will win $250,000 and Will be Called the Champion of Champions

Finalists of the 2022 ToC
-Amy Schneider (Game 1)
-Sam Buttery (Game 2)
-Andrew He (Game 3)

Correct/Incorrect: 54/5
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 3/3 (1 each)

Unplayed Clues (Pts. left on the board): 0 (0)

Coryat Score: 43,400
Lach Trash: 5,800 from 5 triple stumpers
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 4,800

Daily Double Correct Answers: 2

Pre-FJ! Scores: Andrew: 18,800/Amy: 14,600/Sam: 12K (Combined: 45,400)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2

Winner: Andrew (29,201) – Takes Game 1

Doesn’t seem like South Asian geography is Amy’s cup of tea as one such clue also ended her regular-play run back in January.

Wins so far: Andrew: 1; Everyone else: 0

My Rating: 8

Skipps’ Rating: 8 (B-)

Ismael’s Rating: 7 (C+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

TPiR Quickcap: 11/14/2022

Drew announced on Twitter this past Friday that he got COVID and TPiR production has temporarily been suspended.

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Rosa Lyn Andrade, Leroy Ford, Terri Cherry & Chelsea Crowe
Dice Game: Rosa ($1,200 + $500 Bonus) Rolls to Victory (GT: $24,061)

Followed By: Larry Blackburn
Danger Price: Leroy ($609) Avoids the Danger Price Trap Sound (GT: $10,628)

Up Next: Madeline
Time is Money: Larry ($841) Ran out of Time Busting Out with $0

SCSD #1 Winner: Leroy (Banked $1K – $11,628)

Coming on in: Leandrea Robinson Cowens
Side by Side: Chelsea ($1,934) Gets Shelved to the Loss Side

Now Entering: Rolls Royce Paschal (what a name!)
Rat Race: Leandrea ($2,500) Results in a TOTAL TRAINWRECK (Prizes gone to waste: Munch Addict snacks, Car Washes for a Year and a Hyundai Accent)

Arriving on down: Jessica Bugnacki
1 Right Price: Rolls Royce ($1,340) Causes a Skunked Second Half

Sent to the Showers
: Terri

SCSD #2 Winner: Rolls Royce (Banked $11K – $12,340)

Showcase Winner: Rolls Royce ($47,986)

Total Games won: 2 out of 6 – Total Winnings: $88,950

My rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-) ($11K SCSD wins sure made up for the awful second half)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

TOTAL TRAINWRECK!! (BR wipeout + $100K/$1M loss, no Jeopardy! winner, TPIR PG wipeout & LMAD game wipeout)
Rat Race gets an F- and as mrhorgan says, no Rat Race has been played today.

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Terri, this wasn’t your day.

LMaD Quickcap: 11/14/2022

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 2

Car Wins?: None were on the line

Zonk Victims: Courtney, Andrew, Patrice

Big Deal (Darryl – Forfeits 5n holiday to Sweden ($9,677)):
SD (#1): Sauna pkg ($6,929)
MD (#3): Trip to Beaches Ocho Rios ($12,684)
BD (#2): ’23 KIA Soul- DRIVE HOME SAFELY (revealed second)


Aired QDs:
Terri: Anything stone ($300)- $
Nechama: Lined piece of paper (Tiffany)($500)- $

My Rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-)

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA


25 Words Quickcap: 11/14/2022


Challengers w/ Tiya Sircar: Mitchell & Rachel (HS sweethearts)
Champs w/ Lauren Ash: Joe & Irv (childhood buds) – 4 day Total: 2 Vacations & $20K

Turn #1 answers: SOLAR, PLASTIC SURGERY, CROP, MICROSCOPE & TIP; Bid: 11 (Tiya)- Forgets CROP & TIP
Turn #2 answers (Mitchell v. Joe): PIG, HAPPY HOUR, GROW, GAMBLE & INDIANA; Bid: 13 (Joe)- Doubles Up

Superfan of the Day: Lori (FOX 5- daughter was about to have her 1st grandchild)

Turn #3 answers: ROME, INTELLIGENT, POP-TART, QUART & THIN; Bid: 13 (Rachel)- Scores (Challengers 250 – Champs 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): CABOOSE, HUNGRY(Tiya), CLEAN, SNAPPLE, OUT(Lauren)
Yellow Words (500): POSTAGE(Lauren), ELSA(Lauren), WARLOCK(Lauren), HERSHEY(Tiya), MIME(Tiya)

On the line: Lauren & Champs (2750) while Tiya & Challengers (3250)

Champs: Clears (2750+ 1K Bonus) 4250
Challengers (Must Get all 5): Wins (Champs’ run is Over with Buttercloth, and $20K + 2 Vacations)

Money Round: Rachel Secures Completion – They begin the Week with $10K

My rating: 8

Skipps’ Rating: 8 (B)

Contestant of the Week Bull