WoF Quickcap: 11/11/2022



None of them were likely a SECOND LIEUTENANT but still we will pay salute to this last trio of vets left to right
Deb Inovejas, a 22-year Air Force vet (she was a Master Sergeant) who served the same time as her hubby (they have three kids) and has 34 people on both sides of their family who served in the military (26 of ‘em currently serving) from Vail, AZ
Curtis Durham, a 20-year Coast Guard vet whose grandfather served in WWII and is married to Marlo w/ three kids and a grandson from Redlands, CA (he does have hair, but he can’t pull off the same hairdo as Pat)
Chris Anger (at ease! 😱), a 9-year Navy vet whose grandfathers served in WWII, father served in Vietnam, and two sons served in the Air Force, and has a girlfriend named Diane (a teacher; she has a son Mitchell) from Orange, CA (he also bowled a 300)

Final Scores: Deb: $15,999 cash & Oahu/Curtis: $2K/Chris: $6,800

No all-male maingame win sweep again.

GT: a pathetic $24,799
Chris’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $2,350 + WC

Scary moments

-We got a $0 puzzle win in R1 after Deb’s PAINFUL LaT putting over $11,750 cash & trip at risk and, after Curtis’s BANKRUPT right after, Chris neglected to call the multiple D’s.

-In R2, Deb SPINGLES after Chris’s bad MW flip which resulted in nothing over the house minimum (assuming both opening toss-ups were solved) being given out at this point.


$100K Bonus Round: WE LOVE PIZZAbut we don’t love that Deb has lost the $40K and we unsurprisingly have been SKUNKED for the first time this season.

Oh wow, all of these brutally-hard bonus puzzles this week and this one takes the cake…err…pizza. They chose Veterans Week, of all weeks, to push for a skunking for the budget?! VERY DISHONORABLE by Bellamie & co. right there! 😡

My Rating: 3 (F) (at least we had plenty extra time in R4 and spun $1.9K second day in a row)

ant0824’s Rating: 2

Ismael’s Rating: 2 (F-)

Adam’s Rating: 3 (nothing short of a dumpster fire)

3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 11/11/2022

  1. Less said about this show, and in some degree, this week, the better, except…

    Bobby’s Rating – 3 of 10 (Losing Show, already a Syndicated Losing Week, and an Overall Losing Week).

    FINAL COUNT TODAY – Our only car win on TPIR, 3xG DDs, the field set for J!’s ToC Finals, the Low SC, the MD, and 2 trips.
    BLOOD COUNT TODAY – 5 cars (incl. the BD and High SC), 3xS on our F!s, and $40K here.

    So, who made a home run with our “..Of The Honors” this week?

    Bobby’s tribe has now spoken at

    Skipps’ choices are coming up soon.


  2. PAINFUL LaT by Deb, a SPINGLE, and being nothing above the minimum after the first two rounds (assuming the first two Toss-Ups are solved) means nothing but trouble, and this episode is no exception.

    And also, WE LOVE PIZZA as the BR puzzle? Talk about PLAIN EVIL in the puzzle writers’ part! 😡 I just knew we’d get our first SKUNKING this season…

    At least I got a kick out of the Triple Toss-Up theme and Deb’s I LOVE VANNA guess in the BR, but boy, did this episode throw the week down the toilet… -__-

    My Rating: 4 (F+)


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