Contestant of the Week for November 7-11, 2022

Alright, since this week of game shows as a whole was mostly abysmal, let’s just make this quick so we can just get on to next week already. June Raphael from Celebrity Wheel is your Contestant of the Week. Although she had a critical dud (and another that could’ve been but was rebounded) and $75K MDBR loss in the first half, she rebounded in the second half and got us, if I’m not mistaken, our first double-MDBR episode this season and a $75K rebound even though the million was knocked out right off the bat since the Wheel landed on the same spot it was in the first half.

Honorable mentions:

-The Houston Astros not only won their second World Series in their franchise history, but became the first team since 2013 to win the World Championship on their own home field (not counting the 2020 Series won by the home team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, albeit on a neutral site due to the emerging COVID crisis). Jeremy Peña was named MVP.

-Joey Logano won his second NASCAR Cup Series championship and became the first Ford driver to win two championships w/ that make since David Pearson in 1968 & 69.

-Selma broke the total car drought on LMaD winning a Hyundai Elantra in the Big Deal, however the car game crisis in the maingame continues.

-After Tim Johnson’s dominant game on Wheel Monday (sans BR), this week went mostly downhill from there.

-Same can be said about Regina Bunnell on TPiR.

-Out of the big three on the J! Tournament of Champions of Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio & Mattea Roach only Amy made it to the Finals to join Sam Buttery & Andrew He in a twist of events.

-Contrary to every other major show, 25 Words ended its week strong.

This is going to be tough for me to pick between the two of them, but to save time, I am going to name Ramona Gardner Patrick from TPiR and Ronald from LMaD as Co-Zonk Contestants of the Week due to their painful bailouts from Hot Seat and Accelerator, respectively.

Dishonorable mentions:

-Carrie Underwood once again gets denied the “Entertainer of the Year” award at the CMAs on her fourth attempt.

-This week of game shows speaks for itself on how dismal it really was — First BR skunking this season of Wheel capped off by a disastrous Friday episode, the continued car game win drought on LMaD and starting off that show’s week w/ BACK-TO-BACK BD KNOCKOUTS for the second time this season, downward spiral on this week of Price (similar to Wheel) which saw Laura Vanlancker becoming the new-lowest showcase winner this season w/ $28,814, back-to-back SEASON WORSTS in Coryat lost to incorrect responses to start off J! (the latter can be excused for the fact that nothing was at stake in the exhibition match which resulted in an unusually-high number of random guesses and lack of incentive to strategize wagers) and ended off w/ the usual Friday FJ! triple stumper which was a triple blank-out (and don’t forget about the mediocre Celeb J! episode).

2 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for November 7-11, 2022

  1. Well Skipps,

    In the case of this sorry week our differences in both “..Of The Week” honors do not matter here (even though Bobby’s picks were based on both sentiment and statistics, yours was solely on statistics).

    One thing that does matter…you and I, as well as the rest of the game show fans, can agree on one thing…with the exception of JEOPARDY, this week truly was…

    B A D N E W S .
    🦨 🦨 🦨 🦨 🦨 🦨 🦨.

    Ay, que mala suerte que perdio indeed.

    Starting this week and for the rest of our Game Show Season, the final weekly stats seen on Bobby’s site each Friday will also be repeated here for this site’s archival purposes. So, once again…

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 5 cars (a majority of which were won in Bonus Rounds), 15 DDs, 9 F!s, 2 BDs, 2 SDs, 1 MD, 5 Low SCs, 9 trips, 1 boat, and $190K in cash games.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 19 Cars (more lost than won), 8 F!s (incl. the Friday 3xS), 3 DDs, 3 BDs, 5 High SCs, 3 Cardinal Sinners, and $270K in cash games.
    FINAL RATING THIS WEEK – 15 of 20 (Primetime) + 2.5 of 10 (Daytime) = 17.5 of 30 (Overall Losing Week…thanks Carrie, CBS, and Sajak & co.)

    J! was our only major Winning Show this week.

    Ok, let’s just relax now, enjoy the weekend, and reconvene on Sunday.


  2. Hi everyone. Quick update: On Friday afternoon, Drew Carey announced on Twitter that he has COVID! Tapings of TPIR is currently suspended!


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