25 Words Quickcap: 11/11/2022


Challengers w/ Lauren Ash: Xavier & Deshante (married)
Champs w/ Tiya Sircar: Joe & Irv (childhood buds) – 3-day $10K and vacations

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: PEEP, TROPHY, MATTHEW, WANT & RINSE; Bid: 12 (Tiya)- Champs score first
Turn #2 answers (Xavier v. Joe): MUMMY, OINK, CRIME, WENDY’S & GLOBE; Bid: 14 (Joe)- Joe doubles up

Superfan of the Day: Sarah (The CW Columbus)

Turn #3 answers: ADIDAS, PATCH, WRONG, FOX & SPANK; Bid: 15 (Irv)- PERFECT (Challengers: 0; Champs: 750)

Round 2
Yellow Words (500): “QUEER EYE” (Tiya), ROLLING STONES (Tiya), WHOLE FOODS (Lauren), TRADER JOE’S (Tiya) & INFLATION (Lauren)
Red Words (1000): DRAG RACE (Lauren) DETACH, JAMES BROWN (Tiya), UNHAPPY (Lauren) & JOSE CUERVO (Tiya)

At Stake: Lauren (3250); Tiya  (3500)

Challengers: Miss UNHAPPY (2250)
Champs: Hang on despite missing JAMES BROWN (Xavier & Deshante leave w/ AVON belif)

Money Round: Irv cashes in another $10K for a new total of $24K+ cash & vacations so far!

My Rating: 9 (A-)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Stamp of Approval v2

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