Contestant of the Week for November 7-11, 2022

Alright, since this week of game shows as a whole was mostly abysmal, let’s just make this quick so we can just get on to next week already. June Raphael from Celebrity Wheel is your Contestant of the Week. Although she had a critical dud (and another that could’ve been but was rebounded) and $75K MDBR loss in the first half, she rebounded in the second half and got us, if I’m not mistaken, our first double-MDBR episode this season and a $75K rebound even though the million was knocked out right off the bat since the Wheel landed on the same spot it was in the first half.

Honorable mentions:

-The Houston Astros not only won their second World Series in their franchise history, but became the first team since 2013 to win the World Championship on their own home field (not counting the 2020 Series won by the home team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, albeit on a neutral site due to the emerging COVID crisis). Jeremy Peña was named MVP.

-Joey Logano won his second NASCAR Cup Series championship and became the first Ford driver to win two championships w/ that make since David Pearson in 1968 & 69.

-Selma broke the total car drought on LMaD winning a Hyundai Elantra in the Big Deal, however the car game crisis in the maingame continues.

-After Tim Johnson’s dominant game on Wheel Monday (sans BR), this week went mostly downhill from there.

-Same can be said about Regina Bunnell on TPiR.

-Out of the big three on the J! Tournament of Champions of Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio & Mattea Roach only Amy made it to the Finals to join Sam Buttery & Andrew He in a twist of events.

-Contrary to every other major show, 25 Words ended its week strong.

This is going to be tough for me to pick between the two of them, but to save time, I am going to name Ramona Gardner Patrick from TPiR and Ronald from LMaD as Co-Zonk Contestants of the Week due to their painful bailouts from Hot Seat and Accelerator, respectively.

Dishonorable mentions:

-Carrie Underwood once again gets denied the “Entertainer of the Year” award at the CMAs on her fourth attempt.

-This week of game shows speaks for itself on how dismal it really was — First BR skunking this season of Wheel capped off by a disastrous Friday episode, the continued car game win drought on LMaD and starting off that show’s week w/ BACK-TO-BACK BD KNOCKOUTS for the second time this season, downward spiral on this week of Price (similar to Wheel) which saw Laura Vanlancker becoming the new-lowest showcase winner this season w/ $28,814, back-to-back SEASON WORSTS in Coryat lost to incorrect responses to start off J! (the latter can be excused for the fact that nothing was at stake in the exhibition match which resulted in an unusually-high number of random guesses and lack of incentive to strategize wagers) and ended off w/ the usual Friday FJ! triple stumper which was a triple blank-out (and don’t forget about the mediocre Celeb J! episode).


Wheel of Fortune Season 40 Week 9 Stats

Apart from Tim’s dominant game and the extremely tight match between Brent and the hilarious John, this week really wasn’t honorable at all. -__- Very mean and blatant of Bellamie & co.

Total for this Week: $185,209 (SEASON-LOW)
-Maingame: $185,209
-BR Wins: ZIP

Total for the Season: $2,575,190
-Maingame: $1,724,245
-BR Wins: $850,945

Prize Wedge Wins: 8

Gift Tag Wins: 14

MW Wins: 4
MW was Flipped-Declined: 19-6
MW Flip was $10KBANKRUPT: 7-12
$10K MW was Next to LaT$650: 6-13

EXPRESS was Played-Passed: 13-1
Gone all the Way: 6
Stopped Too Soon: 0
Crashes: 7

WC Usages: 7
-Maingame: 1 (on $3,500)
-BR: 6

5-Round Games: 6

Perfect Rounds: 21

Gooseegg Victims: 6

Toss-Up Triple Stumpers: 1

Triple Toss-Up Sweeps: 7 (2 swept every Toss-Up)

Red Winners: 23
Yellow Winners: 11
Blue Winners: 11

Players who Needed the PP to Win: 13 (10 lost BR)

Average Maingame Winning Score this Week: $24,223 (-$647)
Average Maingame Winning Score this Season: $23,348 (+$109)

This Week’s BANKRUPT Trash: $14,600
Total BANKRUPT Trash for the Season: $187,248
Biggest Known BANKRUPT: $9,548 (Oct. 6)
Biggest Known BANKRUPT Trash in a Game: $15,650 (October 11)

BANKRUPT Trash-Free Games: 7
BANKRUPT-Free Games: 1
Penalty Spin-Free Games: 2

WCs: Week: 1 Season: 9
MDWs: Week: 0, Season: 5
$10K MWs: Week: 0, Season: 0
Prize Wedges: Week: 0, Season: 2
Gift Tags: Week: 0, Season: 1

Unclaimed Cardboard
: Week: 3, Season: 6
$10K MWs: Week: 0, Season: 3
Prize Wedges: Week: 2, Season: 6
Gift Tags: Week: 1, Season: 10

Unused WCs: 6
Unused MDWs: 4

Top Winning Totals

  1. $123,090 (Sept. 14)
  2. $87,240 (Sept. 16)
  3. $75,315 (Sept. 20)

Top Maingame Winning Scores

  1. $40,949 (Oct. 3)
  2. $39,750 (Nov. 7)
  3. $39K (Nov. 1)

Bottom Winning Totals

  1. $12,130 (Oct. 21)
  2. $13,650 (Oct. 10)
  3. $15,999 (Nov. 11)

Season-High Week: WHEEL of FORTUNE XL ($422,670)
Season-Low Week: Veterans Week ($185,209)


Start of Round 4: 29
Middle of Round 4: 10
Start of Round 5+: 5
Middle of Round 5+: 1

Spun by Red: 18
Spun by Yellow: 15
Spun by Blue: 12

Final Spin Amounts
$1,500: 15
$1,550: 3
$1,600: 4
$1,650: 8
$1,700: 8
$1,850: 2
$1,900: 4
$6K: 1

Final Spins Edited Out: 4


BR Win Record: 19-26 (.422)

PBRWs: 0
4-1 Weeks: 0
3-2 Weeks: 5
2-3 Weeks: 1
1-4 Weeks: 2

MDBRs: 1

Letter Combo Wipeouts: 2 (TOTAL TRAINWRECKS: 0)

BR Categories
EVENT: 3/8; 1-2
FOOD & DRINK: 4/7; 2-2
FUN & GAMES: 3/5; 2-1
IN THE KITCHEN: 2/2; 1-1
LIVING THING(S): 1/1; 1-0
PHRASE: 17/34; 5-12
PLACE(S): 6/13; 3-3
THING(S): 0/45

BR Prizes
CAR: 7/15
$40K: 8/23
$45K: 4/5
$100K (or $1M): 0/2

Car Wins

  • 2 BMW X3s
  • 1 Ford Mustang GT
  • 2 MINI Cooper S Hardtops 2dr
  • 1 Ford Explorer XLT
  • 1 Mercedes-Benz GLB250

MDBR Result
Landed on $1M: 1
1-3 Spaces Away:
4-6 Spaces Away:
6-9 Spaces Away:
10-12 Spaces Away:

BR Wins Despite Losing WC to BANKRUPT: 1
Non-$100K Wins After Losing MDW to BANKRUPT: 1

My Weekly Rating: 5 (D-)

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Jeopardy Season 39 Week 9 Stats

Total winnings for this Week: $70K in ToC consolation prizes (+$60K in Celeb J! prizes) (Excl. exhibition winnings)

Total winnings for the Season: $1,506,901

Total combined Coryat for this Week: $167,600 (+$30,800 from Celeb J!) (Could’ve been a SEASON-WORST if not for Thurs. & Fri.)

Total combined Coryat for the Season: $1,879,900

Total Lach trash (triple stumpers) for this Week: $38,200 from 32 triple stumpers (+$15,900 and 21 TS’s from Celeb J!)

Total Lach trash (triple stumpers) for the Season: $448,900 from 406 triple stumpers

Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses)

-This Week: $60,600 (+$7,300 from Celeb J!) (SEASON-WORST)
-Season: $458,600


-This Week: 260/54 (+66/11 from Celeb J!)
-Season: 2,861/488

Rebounds/Rebound Attempts

-This Week: 24/37 (+2/3 from Celeb J!)
-Season: 233/295

Unplayed Clues ($ left on board)

-This Week: 4 ($1,600)
-Season: 13 ($10,400)

Most Unplayed Clues
-Day: 4 (Nov. 8)
-Week: 4 (2x)

Most $ left on board from Unplayed Clues
-Day: $4,800 (Sept. 12)
-Week: $6,800 (Wk. 1)

Best Weekly Winnings: $209,622 (Wk. 5)
Worst Weekly Winnings: $122,677 (Wk. 3)

Best Individual Coryat: $34,000 (Cris Pannullo; Oct. 14)
Worst Individual Coryat: $200 (Jo Austin; Oct. 6; Regular Play); -$1,100 (Jalen Rose; Oct. 9; Celeb J!); -$5,800 (Jessica Stephens; Nov. 7; Tournament of Champions)

Best Combined Coryat: $43,800 (Sept. 15; Regular Play); $44,800 (Sept. 25; Celeb J!); $44,200 (Nov. 10; Tournament of Champions)
Worst Combined Coryat: $27,800 (2x; Regular Play); $27,600 (Oct. 18; Second Chance); $26,000 (2x; Tournament of Champions)

Best Weekly Coryat: $199,600 (Wk. 5)
Worst Weekly Coryat: $161,200 (Wk. 3)

Lowest One-Day Lach Trash: $1,400 (Oct. 16; Celeb J!)
Biggest One-Day Lach Trash: $18,200 (Sept. 28)

Least Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 2 (Oct. 16; Celeb J!)
Most Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 15 (2x)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $4,800 (Oct. 14; Regular Play); $4,200 (Oct. 28; Second Chance); $3,000 (2x; Tournament of Champions)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $13,800 (Sept. 19; Regular Play); $14,000 (Oct. 24; Second Chance); $15,900 (Oct. 2; Celeb J!); $19,800 (Nov. 8; Tournament of Champions)

Lowest Weekly Lach Trash: $27,200 (Wk. 1)
Highest Weekly Lach Trash: $62,600 (Wk. 2)

Lowest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 25 (Wk. 1)
Highest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 50 (Wk. 2)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $29,400 (Wk. 5)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $60,600 (Wk. 8)

Biggest One-Day Score: $59,821 (Cris Pannullo;  Oct. 10)

$50,000+ Wins: 2

Biggest Champions: Cris Pannullo ($356,702; Regular Play; Ongoing); Jessica Stephens ($35,000; Second Chance Tournament 1); Rowan Ward ($35,000; Second Chance Tournament 2)

Lowest-Scoring Win: $11,599 (David Sibley; Sept. 28; Regular Play); $5,300 (Jessica Stephens; Oct. 21; Second Chance)

Lowest Departure-Score: Martha Bath ($30,800 + $2K consolation)

Lowest Score: $0 (8x; Regular Play); -$800 (Renée Russell; Second Chance); -$5,800 (Jessica Stephens; Tournament of Champions)

Lock Games: 22

Lock-Ties: 0

Daily Double Sweeps This Week: 3

  • 3-for-3: 3
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0
  • Other (for Celeb J!): 0

Daily Double Sweeps for the Season: 24

  • 3-for-3: 24 (One 6-for-6 instance on Celeb J!)
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0
  • Other (for Celeb J!): 0

Perfect DD Weeks: 0

Daily Double Shutouts

-This Week: 0
-Season: 0

Unplayed Daily Double Clues (DD clues gone to waste)

-This Week: 0
-Season: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps This Week: 2

  • 3-for-3: 1
  • 2-for-2: 1
  • 1-for-1: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps for the Season: 7

  • 3-for-3: 6
  • 2-for-2: 1
  • 1-for-1: 0

FJ! Triple Stumpers

-This Week: 1
-Season: 12

FJ! Busts (Finish with $0)

-This Week: 1 from Celeb J! (Champion Busts: 0)
-Season: 17 (Champion Busts: 0)

Aced Games (Must be 3-for-3 each for DDs & FJ): 3

Total Washouts (0-for-X each for DDs & FJ): 0

Gooseegg Victims Before FJ!: 2 (Champion Gooseeggs: 0)

TOTAL TRAINWRECKS (No Winner): 0 (Times no one qualified for FJ!: 0)

5+-day Champions (Longest Winning Streaks): 2 (11 days; Cris Pannullo)

Champion Win Record: 20-5 (.800)

CHAMPION SWEEPS (5-0 or 4-1 (after starting 0-1)): 2
4-1 Weeks (after starting 1-0): 1
3-2 Weeks: 2
2-3 Weeks: 0
1-4 Weeks: 0

Tiebreakers: 0

Champions Dethroned This Week: N/A

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 0
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 0

Champions Dethroned This Season: 5

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 4
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 1

Player of the Week: Andrew He (again a tough call..)

Toughest Final Jeopardy! Category: London Locales (possibly all-time)

My Weekly Rating: 7 (C-) (we could excuse all those incorrect responses in the exhibition game for nothing being at stake)

Best-of-seven Finals series goes underway next week.

Let’s Make a Deal Season 14 Week 8 Stats

Awful. Just awful. Even though we got multiple BD wins and we won a car in one of those.

Perfect Deal Stats

Total Perfect Deals This Week: 5 (T-SEASON-LOW for a 3rd straight wk.)

Total Perfect Deals for the Season: 58

Perfect Deal Trash (Traded Down for SD or MD) This Week: 3

Perfect Deal Trash (Traded Down for SD or MD) for the Season: 14

Total Weekly Perfect Deal Shutouts: 0

Car Game Stats

Total Car Wins This Week0 (Remember, that’s only from the maingame, not Big Deals)

Total Car Wins for the Season: 11 (Fabulous Cars: 1)

Car Game Wipeouts This Week: 0

Car Game Wipeouts This Season: 3

Non-car Wipeouts: 2

Cars Traded for SD/MD/non-car BD: 0

Total Weekly Car Shutouts: 3

ZONK Victims

-This Week: 11
-Season: 67

Dodged ZONKs

-This Week: 5 (couples count as one)
-Season: 54

Big Deal Stats

BD Win Record: 15-25 (.375)

Big Deal Wins

-This Week: 2
-Season: 15

Medium Deal Wins

-This Week: 1
-Season: 11

Small Deal Wins

-This Week: 2
-Season: 14

BDs Won on Target (Revealed Second): 5/12

$30,000+ Big Deals: 0-3 (largest was a Volkswagen Tiguan SE worth $33,105)

Perfect Big Deal Weeks: 0

Total Big Deal Shutouts: 0

Quickie Deal Stats

Aired Quickie Deals Won This Week: 12/14 (1 partial)

Aired Quickie Deals Won This Season: 71/79 (3 partials)

Perfect Aired QD Weeks: 3

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts This Week: 0 (Aired: 0; Unaired: 0)

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts for the Season: 0 (Aired: 0; Unaired: 0)

My Weekly Rating: 4 (F+)

The Price is Right Season 51 Week 8 Stats

Sans Monday… ah phooey at this week! -__-

Total This Week: $369,175

Total for the Season: $3,932,915.47 (+ bedroom + S.D. trip + $50K+ Range Rover + phones + games + nail care of unknown values)

Pricing Games Won This Week: 12 of 30 (5 partials)

Pricing Games Won This Season: 127 of 246 (26 partials)


-This Week: 0
-Season: 7

Total Perfect PG Shows: 0

Total PG Shutouts: 0

Total Weekly Car Game Shutouts: 0

First Four Victims

-This Week: 3
-Season: 25

Perfect IUFB Bids: 7

IUFB All-Overbids: 1

SCSD Dud Spins (Big Wheel Did Not Go All the Way Around or Bonus Spin Did Not Start At 5)

-This Week: 2
-Season: 14

SCSD Bonuses

-$1K: 12
-$11K: 1
-$26K: 1

Spin Offs

-This Week: 0
-Season: 11 (Two were doubles, one was a three-way)

SCSD Wipeouts (Spun 5 then 100): 1

Showcase Stats

Car Winners’ Showcase (Both car winners went to the showcase): 1

Double Showcase Wins: 1

WSDs (Over by $250 or less): 0

Bigger/Smaller Showcase Won

-This Week: 0/5
-Season: 12/22

High SC Sweeps (incl. DSWs and no DOBs allowed): 0
Low SC Sweeps (incl. DOBs and no DSWs allowed): 2

Biggest Showcase Winners: Simon Hernandez (Regular Play Week; Oct. 26; $92,392); Jason & Ryan Harpole (“Young Sheldon” Twins primetime; Sept. 30; $53,816); Iris Shapiro (Dream Car Week; Oct. 10; $106,328)

Lowest Showcase Winner: Laura Vanlancker (Nov. 9; $28,814)

Double Overs: 3

This Week’s Pricing Champion: Regina Bunnell

My Weekly Rating: 5 (D-)

25 Words or Less Season 4 Week 9 Stats

Champion Win Record: 25-18 (.581)

CHAMPION SWEEPS (5-0 or 4-1 (after starting 0-1)): 0
4-1 Weeks (after starting 1-0): 3
3-2 Weeks: 2
2-3 Weeks: 1
1-4 Weeks: 1
OTHER: 2 (Wk. 1: 2-2; Wk. 5: 2-2)

SuccessfulUnsuccessful R1 bids for this Week: 12-3
-Champions: 8-2
-Challengers: 4-1

SuccessfulUnsuccessful R1 bids for the Season: 98-37
-Champions: 63-23
-Challengers: 35-14

Round 1 Wipeouts: 2

R2 sweeps for this Week: 3
-Champions: 2
-Challengers: 1

R2 sweeps for the Season: 32
-Champions: 18
-Challengers: 14

Sudden Deaths: 5
-Champion Wins: 3
-Challenger Wins: 2

Total Shutouts: 1
-Champions: 0
-Challengers: 1

Automatic Game Overs: 1 (Game Overs Triggered By Shutouts: 0)


MR Win Record: 12-33 (.267)

PMRWs: 0
4-1 Weeks: 0
3-2 Weeks: 2
2-3 Weeks: 1
1-4 Weeks: 4


My Weekly Rating: 7 (C-) (strong finish)

WoF Quickcap: 11/11/2022



None of them were likely a SECOND LIEUTENANT but still we will pay salute to this last trio of vets left to right
Deb Inovejas, a 22-year Air Force vet (she was a Master Sergeant) who served the same time as her hubby (they have three kids) and has 34 people on both sides of their family who served in the military (26 of ‘em currently serving) from Vail, AZ
Curtis Durham, a 20-year Coast Guard vet whose grandfather served in WWII and is married to Marlo w/ three kids and a grandson from Redlands, CA (he does have hair, but he can’t pull off the same hairdo as Pat)
Chris Anger (at ease! 😱), a 9-year Navy vet whose grandfathers served in WWII, father served in Vietnam, and two sons served in the Air Force, and has a girlfriend named Diane (a teacher; she has a son Mitchell) from Orange, CA (he also bowled a 300)

Final Scores: Deb: $15,999 cash & Oahu/Curtis: $2K/Chris: $6,800

No all-male maingame win sweep again.

GT: a pathetic $24,799
Chris’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $2,350 + WC

Scary moments

-We got a $0 puzzle win in R1 after Deb’s PAINFUL LaT putting over $11,750 cash & trip at risk and, after Curtis’s BANKRUPT right after, Chris neglected to call the multiple D’s.

-In R2, Deb SPINGLES after Chris’s bad MW flip which resulted in nothing over the house minimum (assuming both opening toss-ups were solved) being given out at this point.


$100K Bonus Round: WE LOVE PIZZAbut we don’t love that Deb has lost the $40K and we unsurprisingly have been SKUNKED for the first time this season.

Oh wow, all of these brutally-hard bonus puzzles this week and this one takes the cake…err…pizza. They chose Veterans Week, of all weeks, to push for a skunking for the budget?! VERY DISHONORABLE by Bellamie & co. right there! 😡

My Rating: 3 (F) (at least we had plenty extra time in R4 and spun $1.9K second day in a row)

ant0824’s Rating: 2

Ismael’s Rating: 2 (F-)

Adam’s Rating: 3 (nothing short of a dumpster fire)

J! Quickcap: 11/11/2022 — Tournament of Champions Semifinals Game 3

Jeopardy! logo

Last trio of semifinalists
-Andrew He (Game 2)
-Eric Ahasic (Game 5)
-Mattea Roach (Bye) (now identifies as non-binary)

Correct/Incorrect: 57/8
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 5/6

Unplayed Clues (Pts. left on the board): 0 (0)

Coryat Score: 42,000 (-2,200 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: 4,400 from 3 triple stumpers (-600 and 1/2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 7,600 (+2,800 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: Andrew: 39,200 (LOCK)/Eric: 17K/Mattea: 7,200 (Combined: 63,400)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 0 (Correct: What is Kew Gardens?; And they all blanked out!)

Yeah, no way anyone could’ve gotten this. Has to be right up there w/ the all-time hardest FJ! clues.

Winner: Andrew (37,863 (Finalist))

The best-of-seven series of Finals games will begin next Monday and will run through 11/22 if necessary.

Advanced to the Finals: Amy Schneider (Game 1), Sam Buttery (Game 2) & Andrew He (Game 3)

My Rating: 7 (C)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

LMaD Quickcap: 11/11/2022

By the way, the Tuesday episode and/or at least one episode aired from Tues.-Thurs. was originally intended for the wk. of 11/28, as per Bobbymgsk.

Let's Make a Deal logo


How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No (Car Skunk #3)

Zonk Victims: Annie, Jack
Zonk Survivors: Jack He fell for another one, Alejandra & Steven (couple)

Big Deal revealed by increasing values (Alejandra & Steven by default – Give up $9K+ pair of TVs):
SD (#2): 2 Voro Motors EMove Cruisers & Soleil Bicycles ($3,796)
MD (#3): Living rm group ($7,013)- X
BD (#1): Mitsubishi Outlander ES

How Many Perfect Deals Now?: 1

Aired red QDs:
Marquita: Red pen or marker (Jonathan)($300)- $
Melissa: Up to 4 red things (Tiffany)- M-O

My Rating: 4 (F+)

ant0824’s Rating: 3.5

Ismael’s Rating: 4 (F+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Remember that we had a car win in the BD earlier, but still no luck w/ the car games in the main portion, and we could be on the verge of a big fat gooseegg for this month if things don’t improve soon.

Zonk Contestant of the Week Bear

25 Words Quickcap: 11/11/2022


Challengers w/ Lauren Ash: Xavier & Deshante (married)
Champs w/ Tiya Sircar: Joe & Irv (childhood buds) – 3-day $10K and vacations

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: PEEP, TROPHY, MATTHEW, WANT & RINSE; Bid: 12 (Tiya)- Champs score first
Turn #2 answers (Xavier v. Joe): MUMMY, OINK, CRIME, WENDY’S & GLOBE; Bid: 14 (Joe)- Joe doubles up

Superfan of the Day: Sarah (The CW Columbus)

Turn #3 answers: ADIDAS, PATCH, WRONG, FOX & SPANK; Bid: 15 (Irv)- PERFECT (Challengers: 0; Champs: 750)

Round 2
Yellow Words (500): “QUEER EYE” (Tiya), ROLLING STONES (Tiya), WHOLE FOODS (Lauren), TRADER JOE’S (Tiya) & INFLATION (Lauren)
Red Words (1000): DRAG RACE (Lauren) DETACH, JAMES BROWN (Tiya), UNHAPPY (Lauren) & JOSE CUERVO (Tiya)

At Stake: Lauren (3250); Tiya  (3500)

Challengers: Miss UNHAPPY (2250)
Champs: Hang on despite missing JAMES BROWN (Xavier & Deshante leave w/ AVON belif)

Money Round: Irv cashes in another $10K for a new total of $24K+ cash & vacations so far!

My Rating: 9 (A-)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Stamp of Approval v2