WoF Quickcap: 11/9/2022


John Salvetti, an Army vet after 30 yrs. who graduated from West Point in ’84 and was a colonel, and he was also the Armed Forces Bodybuilding Champion of ’94 married to Tammy from Round Hill, VA
Brent Lofton, a Marine vet after 4 years who got the Desert Storm Veteran Medal (he likes to go to many sporting events) married to Melissa from Fort Mill, SC
Boni Jo Boser, an Air Force vet as an aircraft roadmaster on the C-130 who’s newlywed to Jeremiah from Little Rock

Final Scores: Brent: $18,650 cash & P.R./Boni Jo: $2K/John: $18,246 cash & Collette

GT: $38,896
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $5,350 — You’re supposed to toss the wedge in the bin, John!

Scary moment

-This was the first of the triple toss-ups all of which contained the word “fire”…

C R A C _ _ I N G
C A _ P _ I R E

John blows it w/ CRACKLING CARPIPE when there’s already the R towards the end on the bottom which, firstly, doesn’t make sense, and second, “car pipe” would be two words. And if that wasn’t enough, Pat goes VIRAL yet again after telling Brent, regarding John’s ridiculous guess, “Well, you hung in there by the skin of your crackling tailpipe.”

BR categories: PHRASE/AtH/THING

$100K Bonus Round: Brent WIPES OUT and doesn’t have an extra $45K to fix the SQUEAKY HINGE (-QU trap strikes again).

ant0824’s Rating: 3.25

Adam’s Rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+) (John was funny, but the $45K wipeout brought it down for me)

My Rating: 6 (D+)

4 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 11/9/2022

  1. Close match for most of the main game…BUT Sajak & co. complete the Evil Sweep as far as syndication goes…could not tackle the BR.

    Bobby’s Rating – 6 of 10 (Losing Show and, at the very least, a Syndicated Losing Week. One more losing one and we will have an Overall Losing Week).

    Which means no matter what happens the rest of this week, J! will prevail as the only major Winning Show this week.

    FINAL COUNT – Our only bonus round car win in LMAD’s BD, 2 DDs, 2 F!s, the Low SC, two trips, $10K, and Amy going forward in F!s ToC finals.
    BLOOD COUNT – 4 cars (3 in the main CBS games and the High SC), 1 each in our DDs and F!s, $45K here, and $20K In The Bad Bag.

    J! is our only major winning show today.

    Now, Carrie, it is your turn! We root you on in the CMA Awards next!


  2. The men had a very close match with each other, with Brent scoring the second consecutive Triple Toss-Up sweep.

    I LOLed after John threw the MW aside after revealing a BANKRUPT on the reverse. 😂

    John probably should’ve waited until his next turn in the Speed-Up before solving, which means that the PP ended up mattering for Brent…

    Bonus Round: …and it didn’t help matters that he was the second contestant this season to wipe out with his letter picks. This should’ve been categorized as THING, IMO. I’d say that this one was FORCED LOSS.

    My Rating: 6 (D+)


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