25 Words Quickcap: 11/3/2022


Challengers w/ Alison Sweeney: Mitchell & Herb (son/dad who love pickleball)
Champs w/ Orlando Jones: Lonny & Kristi: 2 day prize: $10K + Turtle Island

Turn #1 answers: CABBAGE, FEET, BURGLAR, BOW TIE & ENTREE; Bid: 16 (Orlando)- Champs Score First
Turn #2 answers (Mitchell vs. Lonny): BOOZE, FRIGHTENED, SHY, LOSER & DETROIT; Bid: 15 (Lonny)- Pads their lead

Superfan of the Day: Janett (CW 18- former hospital worker)

Turn #3 answers: DODGERS, CURFEW, YOUTH, JUKEBOX & SAUNA; Bid: 15 (Kristi)- Missed CURFEW (Challengers 250 – Champs 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): SLOW(Orlando), THIRST(Alison), WEAKNESS, SHALLOW, EMPTY
Yellow Words (500): AIRHEAD, SLOUCH(Orlando), GEOGRAPHY(Alison), ZIPPO(Orlando), TYLER(Orlando)
Red Words (1,000): STRING QUARTET(Alison), PAGODA, FINGER PAINT(Orlando), CILANTRO(Alison), GEN Z(Alison)

On the line: Orlando’s Answers Selected can give the Champs 2750 while Alison’s Answers Selected can give the Challengers 3750

Champs: Missed SLOUCH & ZIPPO (1750) 2250
Challengers (Must Get 2250): Failure (Eliminated with Buttercloth)

Money Round: Kristi gets Timed Out with 9 answers correct – To go with the $10K + Turtle Island, Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

My rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D-) (all downhill after turn #3 of R1)

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