WoF Quickcap: 11/3/2022


Thursday trio left to right
Owen Panno, a 6’9 tall self-taught piano player (he LIED (oh.. 🙊) at his audition when he was 16 years old and so he spent a couple weeks online teaching himself which key was which) & big basketball fan from Laguna Beach (He was on the official series premiere (& 2nd overall aired ep.) of the 2019 PYL reboot where he nearly won but then WHAMMIED after being passed the very last spin of the game; His father Carlo was a J! writer in the 80s)
Yodit Teklu, an ambulatory care clinical pharmacist at an academic medical center who’s a fan of doughnuts from San Diego
Jess Lapensee, a baker married to Steve (Air Force member) w/ a son named Gavin who formerly was a figure skater of 15 years from El Paso, TX

Final Scores: Owen$18,650/Yodit: $14,250 cash & C.R. WC/Jess: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $34,170
Owen’s Bankrupt Trash: $8,950

Scary moments

-In R1, Owen spins too powerfully and PAINFULLY BANKRUPTs near $650 and there goes $8,950 — oh brother.

-At the beginning of R2, Yodit calls an unfortunate insta-dud of T on the MDW. And then later in the round, with most of the ______ STYLE crossword puzzle filled w/ only one consonant remaining, Owen BOMBS OUT w/ O to watch $8,700 blow up — Where did you think that was going to go, sir?! OREO STYLE?! -__-

-In R3, Owen’s powerful spinning gets him into trouble again w/ an untimely LaT, so we got a $0 prize puzzle win as a result.

BR categories: EVENT/PHRASE/THING (We will not be doing PHRASE a fourth consecutive time)

$100K Bonus Round: Owen gets caught in a MAJOR DOWNPOURof cash! For his troubles w/ the Wheel he’s showered w/ $40K and we will also forgive him for his critical dud in R2.

Owen’s Final Total: $58,650

New GT: $74,170

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Adam’s Rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+) (ugly 1st half)

My Rating: 5 (D-)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Jess did horrible than Elias and Chris from yesterday (because she didn’t have much chance to play).


J! Quickcap: 11/3/2022 — Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals Game 4

Jeopardy! logo

Next trio of champs
-John Focht, a software team lead orig. from El Paso, TX
-rowan ward, a chart caller, writer & editor from Chicago (They prefer having their name rendered in all lowercase)
-Courtney Shah, a community college instructor from Portland, OR

Correct/Incorrect: 49/4
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts (all by John): 1/2

Unplayed Clues (Pts. left on the board): 0 (0)

Coryat Score: 40,000 (+3,200 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: 11,000 from 11 triple stumpers (+3,200 and +2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 3,000 (-6,400 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: John: 32K (LOCK)/rowan: 10,800/Courtney: 5,200 (Combined: 48K)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 0 (Correct: What is Shangri-La?)

Winner: John (32K (Semi-Finalist))

I expected this FJ! clue to be a triple stumper. Penultimate quarterfinalists to come tomorrow are Eric Ahasic from Minneapolis, MN, Jaskaran Singh from Plano, TX and Jackie Kelly from Cary, NC.

Advanced to the Semifinals: Amy Schneider (Bye), Matt Amodio (Bye), Mattea Roach (Bye), Maureen O’Neil (Game 1), Andrew He (Game 2), Tyler Rhode (Game 3) & John Focht (Game 4)

My Rating: 7 (C-)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

LMaD Quickcap: 11/3/2022

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 2

Car Wins?: No

Zonk Victims: Rose
Zonk Survivors: Austin

Big Deal revealed by increasing values (Alexandria (by Default) – Gives up Hisun Strike 250 EFI & Laredo WG (T: $11,459)):
SD (#2): Dyna-Glo pkg incl. pellet grill and HotShot smokeless firepit, patio heater & recteq coolers ($2,619)
MD (#3): ARTE FINA dining rm + dinnerware ($6,160)- X
BD (#1): Hyundai Elantra SEL

Aired QDs:
Austin: Ace from a deck of playing cards ($300)- $
Anthony: Can of beans (Jonathan)($300)- $

My Rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D)

Ismael’s Rating: 5 (D)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

TPiR Quickcap: 11/3/2022

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Daphne Tenne, Billy Branham, Carla Bowden & Coleman Connell
Master Key: Daphne ($1,200 + $500 Bonus) Unlocks All 3 Prizes (GT: $24,101 + nail care)

Followed By: Lucina Caldera
Pick a Number: Coleman ($1,446) Picks the Correct Number (GT: $6,578)

Up Next: Steve Delgado Tancredi
Take Two: Billy ($770) Takes Two To a First Half Sweep (GT: $9,914)

SCSD #1 Winner: Coleman
Dud Spins: Daphne (From 3 Underspins)

Coming on in: Denise Brittain
That’s Too Much: Carla ($1,860) Went Way too Much

Now Entering: Sonja Mason Briscoe
Bargain Game: Denise ($2,599) Locates the Bigger Bargain (GT: $9,967)

Arriving on down: Alexander O’Connor
To the Penny: Lucina ($1,047) Bails with $3K (GT: $4,047)

SCSD #2 Winner: Denise

Showcase Winner: Denise ($38,396)

Total Games won: 4 out of 6 (1 partial) – Total Winnings: $84,896 (nail care of unknown value)

My rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 7 (C-)

25 Words Quickcap: 11/3/2022


Challengers w/ Alison Sweeney: Mitchell & Herb (son/dad who love pickleball)
Champs w/ Orlando Jones: Lonny & Kristi: 2 day prize: $10K + Turtle Island

Turn #1 answers: CABBAGE, FEET, BURGLAR, BOW TIE & ENTREE; Bid: 16 (Orlando)- Champs Score First
Turn #2 answers (Mitchell vs. Lonny): BOOZE, FRIGHTENED, SHY, LOSER & DETROIT; Bid: 15 (Lonny)- Pads their lead

Superfan of the Day: Janett (CW 18- former hospital worker)

Turn #3 answers: DODGERS, CURFEW, YOUTH, JUKEBOX & SAUNA; Bid: 15 (Kristi)- Missed CURFEW (Challengers 250 – Champs 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): SLOW(Orlando), THIRST(Alison), WEAKNESS, SHALLOW, EMPTY
Yellow Words (500): AIRHEAD, SLOUCH(Orlando), GEOGRAPHY(Alison), ZIPPO(Orlando), TYLER(Orlando)
Red Words (1,000): STRING QUARTET(Alison), PAGODA, FINGER PAINT(Orlando), CILANTRO(Alison), GEN Z(Alison)

On the line: Orlando’s Answers Selected can give the Champs 2750 while Alison’s Answers Selected can give the Challengers 3750

Champs: Missed SLOUCH & ZIPPO (1750) 2250
Challengers (Must Get 2250): Failure (Eliminated with Buttercloth)

Money Round: Kristi gets Timed Out with 9 answers correct – To go with the $10K + Turtle Island, Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

My rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D-) (all downhill after turn #3 of R1)