WoF Quickcap: 11/2/2022


Midweek trio who could observe STONEHENGE IN ENGLAND
Lamont Ross, a minister of a church for over 7 years who attended the Univ. of Texas married to Stacy for 16 years w/ three kids from Sunnyvale, TX (just outside of Dallas)
Stephanie Peterson, a marketing worker for a major healthcare company, personal trainer, nutrition coach & pickleball player who owns dog named Chief from Overland Park, KS
Melissa Miller, a philanthropy worker at UCSB who does volunteer engagement & stewardship married to Matt for 9 years w/ three stepsons from Goleta, CA (she’s also a bar trivia person)

Final Scores: Melissa: $4K/Lamont: $20,049 cash & Spain/Stephanie: $25,850 cash & Bahamas

GT: $49,899
Lamont’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $650

Scary moment

-After Melissa fills most of this R4 puzzle…

G A R D E N S / A N D
G R E E N _ _ _ S E S

She still doesn’t know it and goes on once moreand TOTALLY BLOWS IT thinking the last consonant was P to throw away $7,700 — GREENPOUSES, ma’am?! UGH. -__- (That was the first dud all day long, by the way, and then again, the pressure in the studio can do some weird things)

Unfavorable trio: PHRASE/PLACE/THING

$100K Bonus Round: This puzzle luckily wasn’t QUITE PERPLEXING for Stephanie (QU- trap defeated for the second week in a row and it will come back for revenge) as she’s given the keys to the Mercedes-Benz GLB250 worth $45,140.

Stephanie’s Final Total: $70,990

New GT: $95,039

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Adam’s Rating: 8

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C+) (I hate to have to take a point off for Melissa’s critical R4 dud)

My Rating: 7 (C-)

Melissa’s epic fail in R4 unfortunately precludes a bull for this episode.

3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 11/2/2022

  1. I (on Bobby’s behalf) would raise Ismael’s rating up to an 8 of 10 for winning the car…interesting main game…the Spain part was the best segment.

    With an otherwise Winning Show in the books (and when you add up today’s TPIR, whose rating was disallowed by Bobby)…

    FINAL COUNT – 2 cars (incl. here) 1 non-car BD, 2 each of our DDs and F!s (with one J! ToC player going forward), and 3 trips (incl. here and in the Low SC).
    OFFICIAL BLOOD COUNT – 4 cars (incl. the infamous Gas $ and the High SC, meaning more lost than won), and 1 each in our DDs and F!s.

    Griffin’s Ghost wins as his shows are the two major winning ones today.

    By the way, the rest of the week has to be Winning in order to achieve at least an overall 50/50 Split Week.

    Happy Hump Day!


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