TPiR Quickcap: 11/1/2022

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First Four: Peggy Averitt, Tiffani Dupree, Megan Householter & Darnell Green
Flip-Flop: Darnell ($2,293) Flips to the Winner (GT: $9,142)

Followed By: Zachary Ruff
1/2 Off: Peggy ($1,676) Gets Slashed in Pieces (GT: $1,852)

Up Next: Korliss Datcher
Dice Game: Zachary ($989) Rolls to Disaster

SCSD #1 Winner: Darnell

Coming on in: Terry Muchison
Check-Out: Korliss ($623) Checks out the Supermarket with a Win (GT: $9,931)

Now Entering: Annie Nicholas
Switch?: Tiffani ($2,549) Should Had Stayed instead of Switching

Arriving on down: Kenneth Dougherty
More or Less: Annie ($1,199) Gets only 2 Prizes which resulted in a Car Wipeout (GT: $4,648)

FFBC has another Victim
: Megan

SCSD #2 Winner: Annie

Showcase Winner: Annie ($39,905)

Games won: 2 out of 6 (1 Partial) – Total Winnings: $64,368

My rating: 3

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+) (fell apart after the first PG)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 4 (F+)

Zonk Contestant of the Week Bear
Not an episode worth Watching

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Megan, you need to try another Game Show

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 11/1/2022

  1. Bobby’s Rating – DISALLOWED

    BUT since ALL shows must be counted…we complete the CBS Car Game Wipeout (with cars already lost earlier on LMAD). Only the end of WHEEL at the end of our day will save us.

    Meanwhile, on to Day 2 of J!’s ToC.


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