WoF Quickcap: 10/25/2022


Our favorite set is next: 🌁California Coast🌁

Trio inspired by an INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER to go win big on this show
Val Good-Turney, a married lady to Mason for 10 years (they met doing improv in college and also did a pirate sunset cruise when they got engaged) w/ a baby girl named Elowen from Denver
Tene Rowland, a professional chaplain, founder of Unlimited Ministries, and hospice worker who has a 20-yr.-old son named J.D. (a senior at Univ. Of Alabama) and likes to read gangster novels from Detroit
Joshua Beach, a mechanical assembler, engineering student at California State University and Air Force vet (he worked as a networking engineer) whose dad served 28 years in the Army from Citrus Heights, CA

Final Scores: Joshua: $9,300/Val: $14K/Tene: $12K cash & Aruba WC

GT: $35,300
Tene’s Bankrupt Trash: $3,900

Miscellaneous: That is the third straight episode incl. CWoF (and 4th straight game incl. both CWoF halves) that the BANKRUPT trash was made up from one contestant.

Scary moments

-That R3 was, speaking in pirate terms, booty (The difficulty of the puzzle could be to blame). We got an incorrect letter on the EXPRESS wedge twice from Joshua (For the second one, he definitely thought the second word started w/ LAP — No chance.) along w/ many other penalties and a SPINGLE.

-The first triple toss-up was almost a TRIPLE STUMPER.

-S-U took too long (but then again, it was a full R4 Speed-Up), and…

C R _ C _ _ N G
T H _ / C _ D _

Tene still doesn’t solve for $9,900 and lets victory slip away (Perhaps she needed the K?).

Arrr…what be the choices?: THINGS/PLACE/PHRASE

BR Ship of the Day: Ford Mustang GT ($44,915)

$100K Bonus Round: ValMAKE IT QUICK and solve this, girl…she does for $40K (QU- trap is defeated for the first time since 6/3/2022).

Val’s Final Total: $54K

New GT: $75,300

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Adam’s Rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+) (difficult R3)

My Rating: 5 (D-)

Unfortunately, that is our fifth car shutout of the season.

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 10/25/2022

  1. Val is our saving grace tonight, making sure we get $40K out of Taco Tuesday! Main game was so so, but…
    Rating – 7 of 10 (Winning Show)—however, we also get Total Daytime Car Shutout #4 this season (or, if taking Ismael’s “doesn’t count” theory seriously as Skipps’ site does, #5 indeed)—but remember, BobbyMgsk takes into account ALL cars won or lost, no matter if it’s in the Main Game or any Bonus Round (to be clear, LMAD’s BD, TPIR’s SC, and WHEEL’s BR, but not J! as the latter show does not currently offer cars).

    FINAL COUNT – 3xG in our DDs, 1 F! (with one finalist going forward), the Low SC, 4 trips, and the MD.
    BLOOD COUNT – All 3 cars offered (budget minded), the BD, 2 F!s, the Cash Vault in the Bum Door, and the High SC (with a boat).

    Both Griffin shows were our only major winning shows today.

    On to THE VOICE!


  2. Another tight match by the ladies just like yesterday.

    PP/Express Round: That round was just a total mess overall. Penalties galore (including two incorrect letters by Joshua on EXPRESS) which ends with an unnecessary spingle.

    Triple Toss-Ups: I also thought of BASEBALL GLOVE for that first Toss-Up. Had Joshua solved that last Toss-Up and there was no bonus for it, that would’ve resulted in the first tiebreaker since late S33.

    Bonus Round: Good for Val to defeat the QU- trap for the first time since Jun. 3 and take the $40K in booty. 🏴‍☠️

    My Rating: 6 (D+)


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