CWoF Quickcap: 10/9/2022

WOF logo

Trio of comedians left to right hoping to make us laugh w/ some funny money
Nikki Glaser, host of “FBOY Island” on HBO; she is playing for Ocean Conservancy
Tig Notaro, podcast host who’s joining the cast of “The Morning Show” in its third season; she’s playing for World Resources Institute
Thomas Lennon, star of “RENO 911!” as Lt. Dangle and screenwriter who wrote films such as “Night at The Museum”; he’s playing for Dogs Without Borders

Game 1

Final G1 Scores: Nikki: $49,100 MDW/Tig: $15,700Thomas: $12,300

GT: $77,100

Scary moment

-In R2, Tig SPINGLES for a $700when she could’ve gone for all those D’s. But then again, it would have been difficult for her to guess they were there w/out the W, and she was taking precaution against a potential penalty spin.

Categories for a potential payday, and look what’s back: SB/PHRASE/THING



$1M LOCATION: N of WIN (there was an edit inserted of a close-up of the $1M envelope w/ the round show logo, because we saw the 40th season logo on the top part of the actual $1M envelope)

Nikki’s Total So Far: $149,100

New G1 GT: $177,100

Game 2

Final G2 Scores: Nikki: $16K ($165,100)/Tig: $5,650 ($30K min.)/Thomas: $40,600 ($52,900 so far)

G2 GT: $62,250
Thomas’s G2 Bankrupt Trash: $18,200

Scary moments

-In R1, Thomas PAINFULLY BANKRUPTs near $2,500 to watch $18,200 get FLUSHED AWAY — YIKES!! Nikki then gets the pronoun wrong on her attempt to solve the puzzle (and she tried to correct it but it was too late).

Tig attempts to solve during S-U…

C R A S H I N G / M Y
_ X _ R C I S _ / B I _ _

CRASHING MY EXORCIST BILL, ma’am?!?! No way. -__-

Here it is again: SB/THING/WAYD?

$100K Bonus Round: I was WONDERING WHY Thomas wasted the obvious G on this puzzle, but I’ll forgive him as he, too, is a $100K winner!

Thomas’s Final Total: $152,900

New G2 GT: $162,250

Charity Winnings: $348,000 (SEASON-HIGH)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Rating: (Game 1: 9 (A-)) (Game 2: 7 (C+) (painful bankrupt & S-U missolve)) (Overall: 8 (B))

Adam’s Rating: 8

My Rating: 7 (C-)

5 thoughts on “CWoF Quickcap: 10/9/2022

  1. This was an A-1 Perfect Show as we begin our week of America’s Game with TWO 2ND GRAND PRIZE WINNERS OF $100K+. Way to go! Nikki didn’t lose that number, and neither did Tom!
    Bobby’s Rating – 10 (Act I) + 10 (Act II) = PERFECT 20! (Winning Show)

    FINAL COUNT – 5 DDs, 1 F!, and $200K for charity.
    BLOOD COUNT – Only 1 DD.

    Both Griffin shows were our major winning ones tonight.

    Nikki and Tom (who statistically are now in the running for Friday’s CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK honors) better hold on to their hats as tomorrow we start Dream Car Week on TPIR. We will be watching that game (as far as Luxury Games, this week’s possible edition of $ (TGIF) Game, and any featured Dream Car goes), as well as any further $100K and/or $1M wins or losses in our syndicated games to determine who we choose this Friday in our “…Of The Week” honors. For better or worse, this week has only begun!

    See you in the morning for LMAD!


  2. GAME 1
    This half the game was GOOD, and we were this close 🤏🏻 to having a penalty-free game (i.e. having absolutely no penalties at all, not even duds). And hey, we actually get to see SHOW BIZ in the BR after it was absent the previous season. And even though Nikki isn’t the second million dollar winner on this version of the show, having our first $100K win of the season is nothing to sneeze at!

    GAME 2
    Not too good of a game, IMO, largely due to Thomas’s PAINFUL BANKRUPT (also a new-season worst) and that “scary” missolve by Tig in the Speed-Up. On the other hand, it was quite interesting to see the Triple Toss-Ups be based on the names of the contestants competing this episode. Good for Nikki to sweep ’em even though there’s no bonus for that unlike the civilian version of the show. And Thomas’s BR solve gives us the second $100K win of the season (also the first time where that prize was won both games in one episode)!

    My Ratings
    Game 1: 9
    Game 2: 7

    And speaking of the $100K being won in both games in an episode, I wonder how the win record for said prize would be colored in the stats if it was won in one game but lost in the other? 🤔


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