J! Quickcap: 10/6/2022

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Today’s challengers whose names start w/ J!
-Jeff Parker, a professor of theatre from Arvada, CO
-Jo Austin, a retired IT project manager from Manlius, NY

Can he make the cut?: Cris Pannullo (4-day $111,058)

Correct/Incorrect: 47/6
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 2/4

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $32,600 (-$9,000 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: a dubious $14,000 from 12 triple stumpers (+$7,600 and x2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $7,400 (+$1,400 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 2 (goodbye perfect DD week)

Pre-FJ! Scores: Cris: $16,800/Jeff: $12,700/Jo: $200 (Combined: $29,700)

Well, there goes Cris making the history of becoming the first contestant to have a runaway lead going into FJ! in each of his first five games since Rick Knutsen in March 2001 and first since the five-game limit was lifted.

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2

Winner: Cris ($25,401 (5-day $136,459))

On the bright side, he still made it on the ToC roster and has a shot at sweeping this week. The pair of challengers wearing glasses trying to stop the sweep are Kate Matthews from Durham, NC and Dan Feyer from S.F.

My Rating: 6 (D+) (a little disappointed in how today’s show went, but Cris still made it to #5)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

One thought on “J! Quickcap: 10/6/2022

  1. Bobby’s Rating is better – 8 of 10, given 2 correct each in our DDs and F!s and Cris indeed being the second 5xC/ToC qualifier this season. Forget about the 3xS’ in the main game, it’s what happens with our DDs and F! that counts. Way to go, Cris!

    WHEEL is next.


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