WoF Quickcap: 10/4/2022


Tuesday trio looking to go to an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
Tashana Rivers, an adventurous person who enjoys parasailing, kayaking and riding ATVs and once did an alligator tour in New Orleans (and actually held a gator!) married w/ three children from Atlanta, GA
Patti Le Fleur, a woman who was a caregiver to her late adopted mother who had dementia for the last two and a half years and after she passed became an advocate for people living w/ dementia & Alzheimer’s married for four years from Auburn, WA
Josh Hathaway, a hockey player having competitvely played in the sport since he was eleven (plays couple of times a week; his preferred position is goalie) married to Renee w/ three kids from Temecula, CA

Final Scores: Patti: $23,282 cash & prizes/Josh: $10,482 cash & Aruba/Tashana: $3K

GT: $36,764
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash (minus MW $): $7,900

Scary moments

-Ugly R1.

-After filling most of this in R3…

A / T O T A L L Y
_ T R E _ _ – _ R E E

Patti painfully BANKRUPTs near TD to throw away $4,550 plus the $7,882 Aruba trip. Josh then SPINGLES for a $600 D instead of going for the triple S’s — What?! -__-

Unfavorable categories: PLACE/THING/PHRASE

$100K Bonus Round: There won’t be QUITE A VIEW of Patti winning the $40K (QU- trap claims another victim).

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Adam’s Rating: N/A

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D-) (Patti was funny)

My Rating: 6 (D+)

If Patti didn’t win the AZ trip, there would be a bear.

3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 10/4/2022

  1. The Trust sure got a lot in the main game, which was both thrilling and challenging. But Big Winner Patti loses the BR for $40K.

    Bobby’s Rating – 6 of 10 (Losing Show, which means counting Sunday’s Celebrity Edition we will not have a Winning Week. We need the rest of the week to be winning in order to at least achieve a Winning Week in our Syndicated shows and an overall 50/50 Split Week).

    Disclaimer here before we get to our Final Counts…although this site counts 25 WORDS OR LESS as a major show, Bobby sees it as just a mini-major, and as such continues to count the CBS and Griffin shows as the four majors as they are, in Bobby’s opinion, legacy shows. That said…

    FINAL COUNT – 2 cars (incl. the BD), 3 DDs, the ongoing J! champ, a motorcycle (in the Low SC), the usual trip, and $10K in cash games.
    BLOOD COUNT – 3 cars (incl. the High SC, meaning more cars lost than won), the F! 3xS, the Cash Vault in the Bum Door, and $40K here.

    LMAD was our sole major winning show today.

    On to Prime Time and THE VOICE!


  2. Pretty average maingame besides Patti’s prize wedge win, but that contestant was fun to watch.

    Bonus Round: Her letter combo caused me to stick a fork in her, and that’s just another example of why you should never go for obvious unless you already know the puzzle.

    My Rating: 6 (D+)


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