J! Quickcap: 10/3/2022

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Today’s challengers
-Jenny Millat, an artist & thrifter orig. from Canton, OH
-J. Scott Gabrysiak, a paralegal from North Mankato, MN

Returning champion: Cris Pannullo (1-day $29,579)

Correct/Incorrect: 51/8
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 5/6

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 2 ($800)

Coryat Score: $39,000
Lach Trash: $7,400 from 7 triple stumpers
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $6,800

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: Cris: $30,800 (LOCK)/Jenny: $8,800/Scott: $4,400 (Combined: $44K)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2 (Scott was DQ’d for not completing the last word of “neighbors” (He had “neighbo”))


I agree w/ Andy Saunders that they should institute a length limit on FJ! correct answers in order to try to prevent occurrences of what happened to Scott, or at least bring out the keyboard tech they used for Eddie Timanus as the handwriting as of late has been looking not-so-great (No offense to anyone on who’s been on the show..).

Winner: Cris ($33,800 (2-day $63,379))

The engineers facing Cris tomorrow are Sean Holloway orig. from Kansas City, KS and Jacqueline Liao from Pittsburgh, PA (the former is a software one of those).

My Rating: 9 (A-)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 8 (B-)

Adam’s Rating: TBA


One thought on “J! Quickcap: 10/3/2022

  1. Almost perfect play here today.

    It was Scott’s typo that prevented a perfect game. But the champ goes on. Scott was certainly no neighbor here today.

    Bobby’s Rating – same as above (Winning Show)

    WHEEL is next.


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