WoF Quickcap: 9/22/2022

Red gets interviewed first yet again
Lauren Broudy, a public service worker for 10+ years who has one daughter Nora and three nieces from Portland, OR
Antonio Rael, a muralist and former art teacher (he created a 33-foot mural on Melrose Avenue last year) who was on stage as the Phantom of the Opera alongside Beyoncé at the Academy Awards in 2005 from West Hollywood, CA
Stephanie Akl, a commissioner of her Fantasy Football league for 12+ years married to Chris w/ one son Cameron and stepdaughter Caitlin from Miami, FL

Final Scores: Lauren: $16,620 cash & prizes/Antonio: $9,250/Stephanie: $4K

GT: $29,870
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $3,200 + WC + MDW

Scary moments (get the Advil and Tums ready for this…)

-$2K FUN & GAMES toss-up…

_ E _ F – _ U _ D _ D

Antonio TOTALLY BLOWS IT w/ DELEPPARD TOUR — sir, this is NOT a SHOW BIZ and this band’s name is not hyphenated! UGH. -__-

-Oh boy oh boy you’re gonna wanna brace yourselves as the following happens in R2 — It started w/ a dud of H on the Collette wedge which started a NULL CYCLE. Two more duds after that, we had this…

S _ E _ T _
P _ L _

Lauren makes an odd and U for unsurprisingly bad vowel purchase (Did she really think it was SUELTY PLUM TREES?! -__-). Right after we saw $3,200 and WC go in the trash from the MDW’s left side Stephanie shockingly refuses to risk the Mystery Wedge even after having nothing to risk

S _ E A T _

…but as it turns out, after buying the pair of A’s, that baffling decision to not risk the MW was a blessing in disguise because she K for KILLS ME W/ THAT DUD ON $3,500 — Where did you even get that, girl?! 😡 We finally escape from this mess w/ a house minimum solve. I thought that would never end. -___-

-What’s left of the S-U puzzle…

T H E / P E R _ E _ T
P _ S _ T _ _ N

Lauren STILL doesn’t solve for $6K. If all of the above isn’t bad news for our PBRW hopes here, I don’t know what is.

Another generic list: PLACE/THING/PHRASE

$100K Bonus Round: Lauren picks a bad time to go w/ PCHO and only gets the first word and left behind in the JUNGLE HIDEAWAY along w/ our PBRW hopes is the Ford Mustang GT, and that will place her as the lowest-scoring winner this season.

ant0824’s Rating: 3.5

Adam’s Rating: 4 (we’re in it for the long haul)

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+) (due largely to that trainwreck R2)

My Rating: 2 (F-)

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 9/22/2022

  1. Outrageous way to end a Thursday. That Def Leppard answer, plus our first car loss here, mars a chance at a perfect week.

    Deepscan’s rating – 2 of 10 (because tdjy was first with the reviews at Bobby’s site, the final average score will be tallied among all subsequent ratings and will be posted there after 11 PM ET. Anyway you look at it though, we can count our first Losing Show here this week)

    FINAL COUNT – 3 cars (incl. the Low SC), the SD (again), the 3xG in our F!s (with the new J! champ), 2 DDs, and the usual trip.
    BLOOD COUNT – 3 cars (incl. the BD and here in the BR, and so we go even with our cars today), 1 DD, and the outgoing J! champ.

    TPIR and J! we’re our two majors that won today.

    Now, going into tomorrow, Bobby’s site had reported that Monte had won this season’s BIG BROTHER. An error on my part as the info was misinterpreted, and the season has yet to be concluded (it will definitely be THIS coming Sunday on CBS). In any event, tomorrow’s Bonus Round here should set everything as far as our “…Of The Week” honors in motion…all big wins and losses so far have been logged. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, enjoy NFL!


  2. $2K Toss-Up: DEF LEPPARD TOUR, Antonio? Give me a break, man! -__-

    Mystery Round: Duds galore, Stephanie surprisingly refusing to risk on the MW even without any money or cardboard and a BOMBOUT on $3,500 all sums up to an ugly round.

    When the Prize Puzzle matters for someone to win, you know it’s a bad sign for the BR…

    Bonus Round: …and it really showed. By picking a bad time to go with that letter combo, we end with our first car loss this season and our PBRW hopes this week have gone kaput.

    My Rating: 4 (F+)


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