WoF Quickcap: 9/20/2022

Tuesday’s trio left to right
Tesha Chouteau, a married lady to Edmond for 16 years w/ three kids plus a fur baby named Dior (and the hubby rides motorcycles while she naps in the back on long trips) from L.A.
Chris Lewis, an IT professional for MSP based in Clovis who’s been playing the air guitar since he was a toddler from Fresno, CA
Michele Ward, a homeschool teacher married to Taylor w/ four kids (three of them are in the studio taping day) from Porter, TX

Final Scores: Tesha$30,400 cash & St. Maarten/Chris: $7K/Michele: $2K

GT: $39,400
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $2,750

Scary moments

-We had this in a R1 hampered by many penalties…

_ O _ _ _ U I L _ E R S

Michele and Tesha FLUNKED OUT w/ M and G, respectively. Don’t think so, ladies. -__- Chris then neglected to go for the pairs of B’s and D’s and solved for the house minimum.

-R2 didn’t fare too much better w/ a handful of duds and a BANKRUPT on the MDW’s left side.

EVIL category selection: PERSON/THING/PHRASE

$100K Bonus Round: Tesha has earned her keep as a PAYING GUEST on the show and cruises away in the Ford Mustang GT worth $44,915!

Tesha’s Final Total: $75,315 cash & prizes

New GT: $84,315

ant0824’s Rating: 8.5

Adam’s Rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C+) (bad first half)

My Rating: 6 (D+)

There would’ve been a bull if the first half went smoothly.

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 9/20/2022

  1. Our season’s first Daytime Car Wipeout avoided, thanks to Tesha’s BR win. She really did dominate today’s match! Way to go!

    Rating from Bobbymgsk is much better than Ismael’s here…9 of 10 (Winning show and on the verge of our second straight winning week)

    FINAL COUNT – The SD, the Low SC (with a boat), the 3xG in our DDs, 1 F! (with J!’s ongoing champ), the usual trip, and the one car win here.
    BLOOD COUNT – 5 cars (more lost than won, no thanks to our blackout car games, especially on TPIR, and obviously including the High SC and the BD), the Cash Vault, and 2 F!s.

    The Griffin shows were our two winning shows today…too bad today’s CBS shows were downright embarrassing, to say the least.

    Enjoy Prime Time, folk!


  2. Started off slow, but Tesha cleaned up at the end of the maingame. And she picked a good time to go for the A to win the Ford Mustang in the BR.

    My Rating: 7 (C+) (no thanks to Round 1)

    P.S. Does anyone get the feeling that they’re now offering more expensive cars this season?


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