TPiR Quickcap: 9/5/2022 — 🎉50TH ANNIVERSARY DAYTIME SPECIAL🎉 (& 50TH S.F.)


Celebrate 50 Year Anniversary with the Best of Episode showing highlights from this Season

First Four: Rosalind Edwards-Brown, Nathan Graeser, Ashlee Mesa and Eric Miller
Back to ’72 (Final Playing): Rosalind ($6,300) Travels Back from 72 with A CAR WIN (GT: $53,300)

Followed By: Tania Mclain-Nichols
Double Prices: Eric ($2,499) Doubles Up (GT: $25,187)

Up Next: Antonio Carillo
To the Penny: Ashlee ($4,190) Walks away with $50,000 (GT: $54,190)

SCSD #1 Winner: Rosalind (via Spin-Off and added $1K – ($54,300))
Dud Spin: Eric

Coming on in: Sylvia Gonzalez
Range Game: Nathan ($3,198) Went Just Over The Limit

Now Arriving: Brian Penaway
Switch: Tania ($1,270) Should Had Switched instead of Staying

Coming Down Last: Chelsea Dubscak
That’s Too Much: Antonio ($6,430) Resulted in a Second Half Skunk

The First Six Called down got up on Stage

SCSD #2 Winner: Nathan
Dud Spin: Antonio (Failed Spin)

After the showcase showdown, a tribute to Bob Barker was shown.

Showcase Winner: Nathan ($42,192)

My rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-) (shame we had a skunked second half)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

The Final Stats of Season will plugged in by Skipps later on

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 9/5/2022 — 🎉50TH ANNIVERSARY DAYTIME SPECIAL🎉 (& 50TH S.F.)

  1. Our long-delayed season finale to the Golden Anniversary season of this current version started out great…but went completely downhill once we got to Act II.

    While there was no Luxury Game per se, given the magnitude of the prizes offered, this was no more than your average Prime Time special, with the featured PG (To The Penny) offered for $1M. Candidate Ashlee knew when to quit with the odds working against her there, and as a result we had a Perfect Act I (with a rare car win in the non-car game Back To ‘72, with a redone ‘72 car…way to go, Rosalind!)

    Act II ended up a skunk with a $62K+ BMV wasted (Antonio is now a candidate for this site’s Zonk Contestant of The Week—remember, last night’s PYRAMID was pre-empted by College Football). Both SCs were for cars, but we ended our season with another Green Jacket SC.

    My rating here (as it is on Bobby Mgsk’s site) – 6 of 10 (we end the 50th with a Losing Show).

    As Skipps will later tell you on this site, we ended the season with only ONE Luxury Game win (from our Prime Time special back in December). Thankfully we were about 50/50 on our Good Bailouts and losses.

    This coming Sunday, September 11 (sad anniversary as it is), we will officially begin a new Game Show Season with Celebrity Family Feud, followed the following day by the return of the Griffin shows.
    Enjoy what’s left of today!


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