Contestant of the Week for July 25-29, 2022

Not saying much at all, but Ed Coulson from Jeopardy! is your Contestant of the Week w/ a 2-day total of $40,200 which prevented a returning champion skunking for a second straight week.

Zach Flax from the Press Your Luck episode that was supposed to air last week is your Zonk Contestant of the Week… because in the Bonus Round he was close to approaching the $500K mark to win $1 million, but then he let greed get the best of him and kept going much to our dismayand paid a VERY EXPENSIVE PRICE FOR IT w/ a WHAMMY TO WIPE OUT ALL OF THAT CASH & PRIZES, so instead of walking w/ nearly half a million dollars in cash & prizes he was sent home w/ a measly $27,750 ($25K in the last spin plus $2,750 from the maingame). Not very well played AT ALL, man! -___-

Dishonorable mentions:

-Two candidates for Zonk Answer of the Week — Tuesday’s FJ! clue under the category of “Literary Animals”: “This children’s book character introduced in 1926 & a friend of the title creature got his name from the sound he might make.” Correct Response: “Who is Eeyore?” (Mark Stover’s spelling of “Ee-or” was accepted). What did Alexa Jakob come up with? “Who is Hop the Bunny?” There’s no such character as that, girl. -__-; The $600 “You Call Yourself A Fan?” clue of Thursday’s episode: “The ‘Cameron Crazies’ are students who show undying support for this university’s Blue Devils basketball teams.” Eventual champion Katrina Hill caused a STIR in the college sports world by referring to that fanbase as UNC fans when that nickname actually belongs to the fanbase of decades-old rival Duke. I’m sure both of these fanbases facepalmed hard at that oh so very wrong response. That would have been even more embarrassing had she not won.

-Mathematical errors in FJ! wagers, and Katrina Hill underwagered costing her the game on Friday and failed to take advantage of Luigi de Guzman’s math error in his wager.

@gomezvintagereviews will take over the COTW posts for the coming weeks until the TPiR 50th season finale airs and then the start of the new game show season in September.

One thought on “Contestant of the Week for July 25-29, 2022

  1. I generally do not do …OF THE WEEK honors during the off-season, but for Skipps I will nominate Clifford for PLAYER OF THE WEEK (week ending 8/5) due to his $300K+ score with the NFL tickets on PRESS YOUR LUCK—-the show’s biggest win this season—and no Whammies!

    For GOOSE EGG/ZONK PLAYER OF THE WEEK (again for the week ending 8/5), I nominate Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. for the huge scrapped $100M flop, the unreleased “Batgirl”. Test audiences hated it, and along with the original “Fantastic Four” film (before 20th took a stab at it) and Jerry Lewis’ “The Clown That Cried” ranks among the unreleased Golden Turkey films of all time.

    Skipps’ final choices will come soon.


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