Contestant of the Week for July 18-22, 2022

This week didn’t really have much to offer, so there is no Contestant of the Week this week, but the following are worth mentioning here:

-Matt Mierswa bagged $55,845 on a 2-day run in J! which included a dominating Wednesday runaway performance w/ a $40K+ combined Coryat.

-Competitive Thursday match on J! also w/ a $40K+ combined Coryat score.

-Aced Monday episode (first clean sweep for DD and FJ! since 3/24 and only the fifth such occurrence this season) which triggered a tiebreaker at the end w/ Emily Fiasco missing out on joining in to make it a triple tiebreaker by $1 (even though the J! Round was pretty awful due to an entire category relating to Herman Wouk stumping the panel).

-Long Islander Alfred has got himself quite a résumé in game shows — He appeared on dating show “Love Connection” in May 1987, the daytime version of “Millionaire” in 2011 where he answered 13 of 14 questions correctly & walked w/ $250K, and “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” in 2019 and won $100K there. Although he didn’t win in his latest game show appearance on J! he finished w/ a score of a respectable $10,999 in 3rd in the trailing end of a runaway having come up w/ the correct response along w/ Matt Mierswa.

-No eliminations occurred on this week’s episode of “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DaNCe”.

-Michael won the Mermaid Fest on Big Brother where contestants were to make a pearl shot into each of 3 holes while dressed as mermaids.

-Newlyweds Josh & Annie won $108K from Beat Shazam although they questionably bailed out in the doubler category “Girl Groups”.

Catherine Belling is your Zonk Contestant of the Week because of her struggles w/ the signaling device on Tuesday’s J! episode.

Dishonorable mention:

-William Chou overwagered just a tad bit resulting in him BUSTING OUT when he could’ve saved a bit to guarantee second over Catherine Belling assuming everything else stays as is.