Contestant of the Week for July 4-8, 2022

Cathy Adams is your Contestant of the Week, kicking off the 4th season of Press Your Luck winning $328,399 cash & prizes (including an RV).

Honorable mentions:

-Friday’s Jeopardy! challengers Leigh Jahnig and Robert Won had a tight match going between them, with Robert going into FJ! w/ $23,700 and Leigh w/ exactly $16K and no incorrect responses between them. They both came up w/ the correct FJ! response and Robert emerged as the winner BY $1 over Leigh w/ a score of $32,001 while outgoing champion Brian Ahern busted out w/ the sole incorrect FJ! response (his fourth overall incorrect response in the entire episode, in fact) even though he had virtually no chance of winning anyway.

-All four BDs were won this week although it does not count (yet) as a PBDW due to the finale intended for 7/12 being included in this series of episodes for the final stats (hence we pushed it off until after that episode airs).

-The Daily Double sweep drought was finally snapped after two weeks in Jimmy McGuire’s last episode as a member of the Clue Crew and this even occurred twice in a row to close out the week.

-Yungsheng Wang accumulated $84,202 in a 3-day run but fell short of possibly grabbing a ToC spot (he also ended the Monday winning streak for returning champions). And on a personal note, Long Islander Alicia O’Hare from Long Beach gave him a run for it in the midweek episode coming into FJ! exactly $1K behind him although she was far out-wagered in a triple-get FJ!.

-Even though he wasn’t the showcase winner in this year’s TPiR 4th of July military special, Nathaniel Novak, a pediatric nurse in the Navy, tee’d off from Hole in One and was the top winner w/ $42,630 in prizes including the car.

Jake Marvin from Tuesday’s Jeopardy! episode is your Zonk Contestant of the Week for multiple reasons. This is where things started going wrong w/ this clue… “This word means lateness in loan payments & can lead to another “de” word, default”. Correct response… “What is delinquency?”, but Jake was DQ’d for using the wrong form of that word (delinquent). Even more infamously (and he went viral for this), after landing the first Daily Double… “Your standard phonograph record until the 1950s, or the age Diana Ross turned in 2022.” Remember the incident relating to Diana Ross’s age back in March that caused an uproar on social media? Well, IT HAPPENED AGAIN when he incorrectly guessed her age to be 90 when it’s actually 78. And to make matters worse, here is the clue for Final about national historic sites… “Less than 100 yards north of the J. Edgar Hoover Building is this notorious location”. Jake TOTALLY FORGETS THE CATEGORY and comes up w/ “What is Watergate?” which is a scandal and not a location (maybe he was thinking of the Watergate complex or Watergate office building), zeroing out and cementing his dishonor as among the season’s WORST CONTESTANTS.

Dishonorable mentions:

-For the first time since 2013, the TPiR 4th of July special showcase was won by a loser.

-Dakota thought 3 of the at-homies on the wall behind him were wearing hats/crowns for $400, but was two short which resulted in our 4th aired QD SKUNKING this season due to it being the sole quickie of this episode.

-Find the Aces (first time it was played since 2019) and Timeline ended in heartbreaking bailouts and we had YET ANOTHER TOTAL TRAINWRECK PLAYING of Accelerator.

-Only a measly three out of eight rebound attempts were successful on Thursday’s J! episode.

-Jordon Friend WHAMMIED OUT of the second round of the 4th S.P. of PYL after four of five of his spins (incl. two in a row and then another three in a row after a $2K spin) were Whammies.

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