Contestant of the Week for June 27-July 1, 2022

Maria from Thursday’s LMaD episode is your Contestant of the Week, averting a BD skunking winning the KIA Stinger while it was revealed second (seventeenth such win this season).

Honorable mentions:

-Francisco “Paco” Moran (LA Cha Cha Cha EC & chef de cuisine) was the winner of “Chopped: Desperately Seeking Sous Chef” and won some “Chopped” Grand Champion knives & went to The Americano.

-Eleanor Dixon saved us (barely) from posting a new season-low in weekly winnings on J! for the second week in a row and (along w/ Shayan Sadegh and outgoing champ Dave Bzdak) finally ended the record-breaking 59-game drought for 3-for-3 FJ! sweeps.

Hoa Quach from Jeopardy! is your Zonk Contestant of the Week. Here is Andy Saunder’s FJ! wagering suggestions for Thursday’s episode:

Halley: If David bets to cover, he falls to $2,199. You’re in a tough spot here, as Hoa could bet small. If you think Hoa is going to bet small, then you may need to go all-in here in order to have any chance of finishing in front of her. (Actual bet: $7,199)

David: Standard cover bet over Hoa is $12,801. (Actual bet: $13,000)

Hoa: Bet at least $501 to cover Halley; I recommend betting no more than $1,698, though, just in case Halley chooses a small bet to win a Double Stumper with David. (Actual bet: $13,000)

Well, FJ! was a triple stumper for the third day in a row, and Hoa foolishly wagered way more than Andy’s suggested amount ($13K out of her $13,900) not taking into consideration of all the possible scenarios that could take place, allowing Dave Bzdak who made the same wager (but he had a legitimate reason to make such a wager, even if it was still a little over Andy’s recommended amount) to win the game w/ just a measly $2K while Halley Ryherd who went viral for whiffing on a clue relating to the hip-hop group Public Enemy (she confused them w/ Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) the previous episode was put in a difficult position and ended up leaving the show down to $1 after one day w/ just $6,999, the lowest departure-score this season until it was beaten by Dave’s $3K the very next day which resulted in a 1-4 week for returning champions.

Dishonorable mentions:

-As you may have guessed, this was another difficult week for Jeopardy! wrapping up what was possibly the WORST MONTH in the show’s history, solidified by this — Clue for Wednesday’s FJ! w/ the category of Television History:

“In the opening scene of its July 21, 1969 pilot episode, a man carves the letter D into wet cement.”

Now you would hope that all three of the contestants would come up w/ the correct response of “What is Sesame Street?”, right? Well, no, because this clue ended up being a TRIPLE STUMPER (outgoing champ Pete Chattrabhuti was the only one w/ a complete but incorrect response; Bobbymgsk was also unfortunately wrong w/ “DRAGNET”). First, Classic Albums, and now, this.

-Even though Tuesday’s FJ! did end up being a triple stumper Marina Hays made a similar mistake as Hoa w/ her FJ! wager by wagering a middling $5,500 which is not helpful for any scenario (except getting lucky and having the correct response assuming all wagers stay as is) instead of either betting small and hope for a TS or to go big and cover Pete as Andy Saunders suggested.

-Tuesday and Wednesday’s LMaD episodes were flameouts (via traded down PD for the former and MD win for the latter), and we were skunked on car games yet again (cars won in the BD do not count).


Jeopardy! Season 38 Week 42 Stats

Let’s please never again go through what we just did there almost the last three months.

Total Winnings This Week: $76,717 (almost another SEASON-LOW; Eleanor really saved our bacon here)

Total Season Winnings: $6,845,467

Total Combined Coryat This Week: $168,200

Total Combined Coryat for the Season: $7,917,600

Total Lach Trash (Triple Stumpers) This Week: $60,400 from 54 triple stumpers

Total Lach Trash (Triple Stumpers) for the Season: $2,323,200 from 2,012 triple stumpers

Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses)

-This Week: $41,400
-Season: $1,819,400


-This Week: 239/44
-Season: 11,042/1,802

Rebounds/Rebound Attempts

-This Week: 13/18
-Season: 673/900

Unplayed Clues ($ left on board)

-This Week: 0 ($0)
-Season: 82 ($74,200)

Most Unplayed Clues
-Day: 6 (Mar. 9)
-Week: 16 (Wk. 26)

Most $ left on board from Unplayed Clues
-Day: $7,200 (Apr. 11)
-Week: $9,200 (Wk. 31)

Best Weekly Winnings: $278,800 (Wk. 3)
Worst Weekly Winnings: $76,103 (Wk. 41)

Best Individual Coryat: Matt Amodio (Oct. 8; $38,000)
Worst Individual Coryat: Matt King (Nov. 23; -$6,400)

Best Combined Coryat: $51,200 (Oct. 8)
Worst Combined Coryat: $15,400 (Mar. 11)

Best Weekly Coryat: $222,200 (Wk. 1)
Worst Weekly Coryat: $129,200 (Wk. 26)

Lowest One-Day Lach Trash: $400 (Jan. 6)
Biggest One-Day Lach Trash: $22,600 (Mar. 11)

Least Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 1 (Jan. 6)
Most Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 19 (2x)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $800 (Jan. 11)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $18,200 (Mar. 7; Regular Play); $21,200 (Feb. 16; NCC Quarterfinals Game 12)

Lowest Weekly Lach Trash: $19,400 (Wk. 1)
Highest Weekly Lach Trash: $78,800 (Wk. 35)

Lowest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 20 (Wk. 1)
Highest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 68 (Wk. 35)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $20,400 (Wk. 17)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $57,400 (Wk. 26)

Biggest One-Day Score: Matt Amodio (Oct. 4; $83,000)

$50,000+ Wins: 20 (There was also a $50K+ 2nd place finish)

Biggest Champions: Matt Amodio ($1,518,601; Regular Play; Carryover from last season); Sam Buttery ($100,000; Professor’s Tournament); Amy Schneider ($1,382,800; Regular Play)

Lowest-Scoring Win: Megan Wachspress (Jun. 20; $401)

Lowest Departure-Score: Dave Bzdak ($2,000 + $1K consolation)

Lowest Score: Matt King (Nov. 23; -$6,400)

Daily Double Sweeps This Week0

  • 3-for-3: 0 (Oh, we’re not gonna start a drought here too, right?! -__-)
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Daily Double Sweeps for the Season: 65

  • 3-for-3: 65 (Two were true clean sweeps)
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Perfect DD Weeks: 1

Daily Double Shutouts

-This Week: 0
-Season: 14

Unplayed Daily Double Clues (DD clues gone to waste)

-This Week: 0
-Season: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps This Week: 1

  • 3-for-3: 1 (FINALLY!)
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps for the Season: 31

  • 3-for-3: 25
  • 2-for-2: 5
  • 1-for-1: 1

FJ! Triple Stumpers

-This Week: 3
-Season: 45

FJ! Busts (Finish with $0)

-This Week: 0 (Champion Busts: 0)
-Season: 46 (Champion Busts: 3)

Aced Games (Must be 3-for-3 each for DDs & FJ): 4

Total Washouts (0-for-X each for DDs & FJ): 2

Gooseegg Victims Before FJ!: 20 (Champion Gooseeggs: 1)

Total Trainwrecks (No Winner): 0 (Times no one qualified for FJ!: 0)

5+-day Champions (Longest Winning Streaks): 8 (40 days (2nd All-Time); Amy Schneider)

Times Champion Swept a Week: 20

Tiebreakers: 2

Champions Dethroned This Week4

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 1
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 3

Champions Dethroned This Season: 49

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 30
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 19

Weekly Returning Champion Shutouts: 1

Player of the Week: Joe Feldmann

Toughest Final Jeopardy! Category: Poets’ Corner At Westminster Abbey; U.S. Cities (Just like Classic Albums last week, Television History should NOT have been a TS either. PERIOD.)

My Weekly Rating: 4 (F+) (could’ve been so much worse)

J! Quickcap: 7/1/2022

Halley went VIRAL for her incorrect response on the clue about Public Enemy where she confused that hip-hop group w/ Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch on Wednesday.

Anyway, now that what was likely the WORST month in Jeopardy! history is behind us, hopefully we get something good to wrap up yet another ABOMINATION of a week.

Jeopardy! logo

Today’s challengers
-Shayan Sadegh, a medical scribe from Potomac, MD
-Eleanor Dixon, a freelance technical editor from Vero Beach, FL

Hoping to avoid the same fate as Halley: Dave Bzdak (1-day $2,000)

Pre-FJ! Scores: Elenor: $12,218/Shayan: $10,400/Dave: $6,600 (Combined: $29,218)

Correct/Incorrect: 47/9
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 1/2

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $31,800 (-$4,400 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $12,800 from 11 triple stumpers (+$1,200 and -1 TS vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $9,400 (+$3,200 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 1

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: AT LONG LAST THE DROUGHT IS FINALLY OVER!!!

Winner: Eleanor ($20,818)

Dave has unfortunately topped Halley’s season-low the very next day w/ $3K. But still, glad the 59-game FJ! drought is finally over with. That was ridiculous.

My Rating: 6 (D+)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Adam’s Rating: TBA