WoF Quickcap: 1/14/2022

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Californians closing out the week as Garrett is perspiring
Vidhi Jain, a Univ. of California Irvine student doing her MBA & CPA (she’s also writing a children’s book, “Choose Your Own Adventure”) from Tustin
Jeané Blunt, a recent California Baptist Univ. grad w/ Master’s in public admin. who just took up kayaking (she owns dog named Tula) from Alameda
Malcolm Dixon, a Navy vet and father of two sons who claims to have owned *134* cars since the age of 16 and plays musical instruments from Laguna Woods

Final Scores: Jeané: $19K cash & Aruba WC/Malcolm: $2K/Vidhi: $11,300

GT: $32,300
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: a whopping $22,950 cash & Nashville

Scary moments:

-In the second opening THING toss-up, Vidhi blows it w/ EXQUISITBOUTIQUE — that’s a PLACE, girl. -__-

-In R1, Malcolm blew his shot at $1 million right after picking up the MDW w/ a baffling purchase of I — Where did you think that was going to work, man?! -__-

-In R2, Malcolm PAINFULLY BANKRUPTs near $650 to throw away $18,500 cash & Nashville (incl. $10K MW) — ZOINKS!!!


$100K Bonus Round: The WC-derived D’s have just sealed Garrett’s fate as Jeané locates the keys to the BMW X1 sDrive28i (incl. premium package) worth $40,335 hidden in the FOLDED NAPKINS & we have our first 4-1 week all season long.

Jeané Final Total: $59,335 cash & prizes

New GT: $72,635

Grade: D+
Rating: 6 (Malcolm’s first-half blows brought it down for me)

ant0824’s Rating: 7.5

Ismael’s Grade: C
Ismael’s Rating: 7

Adam’s Grade: C+
Adam’s Rating: 6 (another victim of the 2020’s formula)

Dunce cap (PBRW denied)
Garrett, I’m sorry. Now joining Scott from TPiR at Night First Responders Special.

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