WOF Fantasy Quickcap: 2/27/2021

Another one of my at home games (themed to my 20th birthday). R1 now becomes the Big Money Round (it works like the S25 gimmick, but cash amounts are $2K, $5K, $10K and $20K). Also, BR cars for this episode only come w/ a $2K cash bonus.

Faith: $7,500
Sarah: $14,900
Farah: $5,400 MDW

GT: $27,800
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: around $6K in cash & GCs (I really didn’t pay attention to the BANKRUPT trash this episode – it’s been 2 months)

Scary Moments:

  • Bumpy first couple of rounds.
  • Sarah LaTed out to leave $22K+ in cash & trip on the table in R3.

Bonus Round Win?: No (Sarah didn’t locate DIAMOND BAR for $35K)

W and V, Sarah? -_-

My Grade: C
My Rating: 5

Ismael’s Grade:
Ismael’s Rating:

Mythman’s Rating:

Ant’s Rating:


WOF Retro Quickcap: 4/9/2004

Got myself an interesting catch featuring an infamous contestant…

Floretta: $15,845
Luis: $27,050
Lori: $17,500

Lori, now known as Lori Vallow Daybell, rose to national infamy in late 2019 after two of her three children suspiciously went missing. Their remains were found buried in the backyard of her fifth and current husband, Chad Daybell, in June 2020. On WHEEL, Lori mentioned her third husband, Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. (whom she divorced in 2005), and her oldest two children, Colby Ryan, then age 7 (the only surviving child), and Tylee Ryan, then age 1. Her third child, Joshua Jaxon “J.J.” Vallow, was not born until 2012, during Lori’s fourth marriage. Lori is currently being held at the Madison County Jail in Rexburg, ID since March 2020, awaiting her and her husband’s trial in July 2021. Lori and her family’s dark history was covered on Dateline NBC and 20/20 (WHEEL clips for the 20/20 link start at 4:59). Inside Edition also covered her history as well.

GT: $60,395
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $2,100

Bonus Round Win?: Yes (Luis scared us saying MOTHS and went silent for a bit, but then rebounded w/ MYTHS for the $25,193 Miata)

Luis’ Final Total: $52,243

Total After the Bonus Round: $85,588

My Grade: B+
My Rating: 8

Skipps’ Grade:
Skipps’ Rating:

Ismael’s Grade:
Ismael’s Rating:

Mythman’s Rating:

Ant’s Rating:

Contestant of the Week for February 22-26, 2021

Kyle from Wheel of Fortune is your Contestant of the Week due to his dominant performance on Thursday’s episode & unsurprisingly became our second Mustang convertible winner this week for a final total of $72,390 cash & prizes!

Honorable mentions: Sarah stopped the Big Deal skunk with an on-target winbut sadly the same couldn’t be said of the maingame cars for the entirety of this month; Diane on WOF Wednesday made an AMAZING solve despite no help on the top line on her AMAZING JOURNEY towards another $38K; Aaron & Sam each went on 2-day $50K+ runs on Jeopardy!; Tanisha on TPIR aced Pathfinder on her first try; Surprise BR-winning week on Island Hopping week; The weekly Coryat total on J! crossed the $200K mark for the first time this season; Jennifer took home over $48K of winnings from TPIR.

Wheel of Fortune Season 38 Week 24 Stats


I’ve already had these idiots make that stupid mistake and here’s their info:

-Michael Taylor on TPIR (yes, that’s the real one):
Email: coldtaylors@msn.com
IP Address:
ISP: Spectrum
Location: Buda, TX

-Dylan Bennett as Kenward Perkins (created by Conner The Sushi Packer):
Email: kenwardperkins@gmail.com
IP Address:
ISP: Cox Communications
Location: Phoenix, AZ

-Shaun Shaffer as masterpuppetzah/masterpuppetzzz:
Emails: mastahpuppetz2021@outlook.com; mastahpuppetz2021q@outlook.com
IP Address for both accounts:
ISP: Frontier
Location: Franklin, NC


Total This Week: $295,023

Total for the Season: $6,288,081

BR Win Record: 41-79 (.342)

BR Car Wins: 11

  • 2 BMW i3s
  • 1 maZDa CX-30
  • 1 MINI Cooper Convertible
  • 1 Ford Explorer
  • 1 Buick Encore
  • 1 Subaru Outback
  • 1 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • 1 Chevy Equinox
  • 2 Ford Mustang Convertibles

Prize Wedge Wins: 32

Gift Tag Wins: 34

Mystery Wedge Wins: 11

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 43-12

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 21-22

$10K MW was next to LaT: 17

$10K MW was next to $650: 26

Express was Played-Passed: 28-10

-Went all the way: 16
-Solved too early: 1
-Crashes: 11

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 3 on $3,500

-BR: 10

FP Vowels/Consonants: 64/52

5-Round Games: 16 (one went to R6 on Oct. 2)

Gooseegg Victims: 19

Tossup Triple Stumpers:

Red Winners: 40

Yellow Winners: 41

Blue Winners: 39

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $33,928 + $4,350 technical on Feb. 23

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $689,378 + 2 prizes of unknown value

Biggest Bankrupt: $24,250 (Oct. 26)

Wild Cards Lost to Bankrupts: Week: 2; Season: 34

Million Dollar Wedges Lost to Bankrupts: Week: 0; Season: 10

Top Winning Totals: $129,300 (Jan. 4), $117,500 (Oct. 12), $84,432 (Sept. 30)

Bottom-Winning Totals: $12,350 (Sept. 29), $11,800 (Oct. 30), $11,700 (Jan. 6)

Season-High Week: $350,996 (Road Trip)

Season-Low Week: $192,957 (America’s Game I)

Final Spins This Season

$1,500 FS: 43
$1,550 FS: 5
$1,600 FS: 19
$1,650 FS: 18
$1,700 FS: 26
$1,800 FS:
$1,900 FS: 7
$6K FS: 2

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
4-1 Weeks: 1
3-2 Weeks: 5
2-3 Weeks: 6
1-4 Weeks: 10
BR Shutouts: 2 (Skunk Threats: 5; 3-2)
MDBRs: 2
Letter Combo Wipeouts: 2 ($100K/$1M Total Trainwrecks: 0)

PERSON (or PEOPLE): 10/23; 2-8

PLACE(S): 10/20; 3-7

THING(S): 7/116; 3-4

PHRASE: 22/67; 8-14

EVENT: 10/25; 4-6

OCCUPATION: 1/1; 1-0

SHOW BIZ: 1/4; 0-1



FOOD & DRINK: 15/22; 7-8

FUN & GAMES: 3/5; 0-3

IN THE KITCHEN: 7/12; 4-3

LIVING THING(S): 9/21; 2-7

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?: 15/25; 3-12


$38K: 23/62 (Minimum Sweeps: 2)

$45K: 3/10

$50K: 2/4

$100K (or $1M): 2/7

CAR: 11/37

BR Wins Despite Losing WC to Bankrupt: 2

Non-$100K Wins After Losing MDW to Bankrupt: 2

Weekly Grade: D+
Weekly Rating: 6

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Jeopardy Season 37 Week 23 Stats

This Week’s Total

Total Coryat: $205,400 (NEW SEASON-HIGH — 1st time this season we’ve crossed the $200K mark)

DD Sweeps: 2 (3-for-3: 2) (2-for-2: 0) (1-for-1: 0)

FJ Sweeps: 0 (3-for-3: 0) (2-for-2: 0) (1-for-1: 0)

Aced Games (Must be 3-for-3 each for DDs & FJ): 0

DD Shutouts: 0

FJ Triple Stumpers: 2

Total Washouts (0-for-X each for DDs & FJ): 0

Daily Doubles Went to Waste0

Gooseegg Victims: 0 (Champion Gooseeggs: 0)

Tiebreakers: 0

Champions Dethroned: 2 ($2K: 2) ($1K: 0)

Player of the Week: Aaron (close call..)

Toughest Final Jeopardy category: Landlocked Countries; Early U.S. History (both are equally tough)

Season Total

Total Coryat: $3,853,400

Best Coryat: $48,200 (Feb. 12)
Worst Coryat: $17,200 (Sept. 16)

Best Weekly Coryat: $205,400 (Wk. 23)
Worst Weekly Coryat: $137,200 (Wk. 6)

Biggest Champion: Brian Chang ($165,904)

Lowest-Scoring Win: Andy West (Feb. 17; $1,999)

Lowest Departure-Score: Andy West (1-day $1,999 + 3rd place $1K = $2,999)

DD Sweeps: 34 (3-for-3: 34) (2-for-2: 0) (1-for-1: 0)

FJ Sweeps: 20 (3-for-3: 18) (2-for-2: 1) (1-for-1: 1)

Aced Games (Must be 3-for-3 each for DDs & FJ): 9

DD Shutouts: 3

FJ Triple Stumpers: 29

Total Washouts (0-for-X each for DDs & FJ): 1

Daily Doubles Went to Waste2

Gooseegg Victims: 7 (Champion Gooseeggs: 1)

5+-day Champions: 3 (One is a carryover from the prev. season)

Times Champion Swept a Week: 0

Tiebreakers: 1

Champions Dethroned: 54 ($2K: 33) ($1K: 21)

Weekly Repeat Champion Shutouts: 0

Weekly Grade: C+
Weekly Rating: 7 (no thanks to underwhelming late-week shows)

The Price is Right Season 49 Week 14 Stats

Folks, I am dearly sorry for the delay. I’ve had a rough day.

This Week’s Total

Given Away: $406,319

Pricing Game Record (Wins-Losses-Partials): 13-14-3

Total Wipeouts: 2

Total Pricing Game Shutouts: 0

First Four Victims: 3

IUFB All-Overbids: 1

Dud Spins: 0

Double Showcase Wins: 0

Double Overs0

This Week’s Pricing Champion: Jennifer

Season Total

Given Away: $5,825,246

Pricing Game Record (Wins-Losses-Partials): 197-187-40

Total Wipeouts: 14

Total Pricing Game Shutouts: 1

Total Weekly Car Game Shutouts: 1

First Four Victims: 42

IUFB All-Overbids: 1

Dud Spins: 8

Double Showcase Wins1

Biggest Showcase Winner: Heather (Regular Daytime; $66,928), Flowerses (Primetime; $102,478); Keiana (Big Money Week; $136,450)

Lowest Showcase Winner: Oscar ($23,974)

Double Overs: 6

Weekly Grade: C-
Weekly Rating: 7

WOF Quickcap: 2/26/2021

Okay, this is real this time, and you may wanna take some Advil…

Tami: $14,200
Arthur: $15,968
Annie: $8,000

trisspinner: Arthur’s got quite a game show resume. He’s appeared on Let’s Make a Deal, To Tell the Truth and even Deal or No Deal back in 2007.

Maingame Total: $38,168

Scary Moment:

  • In R2 Tami blew over $13K calling N
  • Arthur, a seasoned game show veteran, does no better in that same round and foolishly calls R — UGH. -__-

Bonus Round Win?: No which means Brynn from Monday is off the hook. Arthur will not be staying in a LUXURY DUPLEX

…AND HE DOESN’T GET THE BIG ONE — HE’S THE FIFTH $100,000 LOSER THIS SEASON & THAT’S THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW THE BIG ONE WAS LOST ON ADAM’S BIRTHDAY. Doggone it. We were so close to ending this week on a high note. Sorry, Adam.

Grade: F+
Rating: 4

ant0824’s Rating: 1

Mythman’s Rating: 4/10

Ismael’s Grade: F-
Ismael’s Rating: 2

Adam’s Grade: C
Adam’s Rating: 5

J! Quickcap: 2/26/2021

Second All-Male Panel This Week: Challengers: Ollie Savage (Burbank, CA) and Syed Ahamed (orig. from NYC); Returning Champion: Michael Colton ($9,201)

Coryat Score: $40,600

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: Same as yesterday (Correct: What is the XYZ Affair?)

Message for Syed: You NEED to be SPECIFIC with your response.

Winner: Michael ($8,402 (2-day $17,603))

ant0824’s Rating: 6

Mythman’s Rating: 5/10

Adam’s Grade: B-
Adam’s Rating: 6

Skipps’ Grade: D
Skipps’ Rating: 5

Grade: D-
Rating: 5