Let’s Make a Deal Recap – 6/24/2020


Perfect Deals: 2

Car wins: Nope

BD (Bernice):
SD (#1): Pure Cycles pkg. + H-FACTOR
MD (#2): Outdoor furn. incl. rypen fire baskets & SunBriteTV- M.O.
BD (#3): EVERYTHING incl. trip to the Breakers

Michael: Punch card ($200)- Win
Melissa: Lipstick (J)- Win
Kristen: Queen playing card (T)($500)- Miss

My Rating: 6

Skipps’ Grade: D+
Skipps’ Rating: 6

Ismael’s Grade: D+
Ismael’s Rating: 6


The Wall Results 6/22/2020


#1: Played by Chadwick Boseman in the ’18 hit film “MARVEL’S BLACK PANTHER” T’Challa, was the king of what fictional country- Pandora or Wakanda?
Wakanda – 20K (L)/10K (L)/10 (R)
#2: When the Moon passes directly between the Earth & the Sun it’s referred to as what type of eclipse- solar or lunar?
Solar – 5K (L)/25K/20K (R)
#3: What did the S in VHS stand for- sensor or system?
Sensor (A: System) – 1 (FURTHEST L)/20K (L)/10K (L)
#4: Acc. to French traffic laws drivers travel on which side of the road in France- left or right?
Left (A: Right) – 20K (L)/25K/100 (R)
#5: Who was one of the creators of “The Muppets”- Jim Henson or George Lucas?
Henson – 5K (L)/1 (JUST L OF 25K)/10 (R)
Answered Q’s: HER

Positive Superdrop: 10K (L)/10 (L)/25K/TWO IN 50K/100K/100 (R)
#1 (5): In a 1st-rd. match at Wimbledon in ’81 John McEnroe’s infamous outburst incl. the phrase “You cannot be…”- for real, serious or saying that?
“…serious” – 10 (R)
#2 (3- DOUBLE): One of the fastest animals in the world, the Peregrine can reach speeds of over 300 miles per hr. when diving after its prey. This formidable raptor’s a species of which kind of bird- falcon, eagle or vulture?
Vulture (A: Falcon) – 10 (R)/1 (FURTHEST R)
#3 (5- TRIPLE): The soundtrack to which of these Whitney Houston-starring films incl. “I Will Always Love You”- “The Bodyguard”, “Waiting to Exhale” or “The Preacher’s Wife”?
“The Bodyguard” – 1 (50K/100K)/125K/250K
Negative Superdrop: TWO IN 10K/10 (L)/TWO IN 25K/1 (25K/50K)/1 (FURTHEST R)


#1- 10 (L)
#5- 1 (200K/300K)
#6- SAME 1
#7- 200K

#4 (5): When you shake a classic Etch-a-Sketch the inside surface of the screen’s coated w/ a powder made up of which element- aluminum, mercury, iron or zinc?
Iron (But it’s Aluminum) – 10 (L)
#5 (1- DOUBLE): Running for 15 seasons “ER” was set at which of these fictional hospitals- Grey Sloan Memorial, County General, Sacred Heart or St. Eligius?
County General – 100 (L)/1 (200K/300K)
#6 (3): The 2010 film “Black Swan” told the story of dancers who were vying for a role in a ballet that was written by which composer- Stravinsky, Mozart, Tchaikovsky or Bach?
Bach (A: Tchaikovsky) – MILLION


ant0824’s Rating: 1 (it was a Total Bust)

Skipps’ Grade: Z-
Skipps’ Rating: (most painful one yet)

Grade: F-
Rating: 1


Contestant of the Week for June 15-19, 2020

Melissa, the 17th Top Chef champion, is this week’s Contestant of the Week. In the finale, Melissa delivered w/ her first course.. Char Siu-glazed octopus w/ fried shallots, fennel, pickled peppers & herbs, second course.. Squash Agnolotti w/ chicken skin, agrodolce cipollinis, Szechuan chili oil, shiso & squash blossoms, third course.. Grilled squab w/ persimmon, porcini & fermented black bean sauce, & the final course.. Hong Kong milk tea tiramisu.

Honorable Mentions: Couple Raymond & Marissa won the Big Deal, trips to Beaches & Park Hotel Tokyo. on Tuesday’s episode of LMAD.

The Wall Results 6/15/2020


I’m not normally the one posting recaps for this show, & I know this is late & I just decided to do this now, but this episode was significant, and you’ll see why.

Janeris (photographer) & Jesenia (medical sales)(MIA)

#1: Jennifer Lopez played a famous singer in which of these films- “Selena” or “Out of Sight”?
“Selena”– ALL IN 1 (JUST L OF 25K)
#2: Which brand calls itself “The original celebrated curiously strong mints”- ALTOIDS or tic-tac?
#3: Sterling K. Brown won acclaim for his portrayal of which real-life attorney in “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”- Johnnie Cochran or Christopher Darden?
Johnnie– 100 (L)/10K (L)/1 (JUST R OF 25K)
#4: Which photoreceptors in the human eye are responsible for perceiving color- rods or cones?
Cones– 100 (L)/20K (L)/OTHER 100
#5: In typical diner lingo if a waitress puts in an order for a burger & tells the kitchen to “make it cry” what’s she asking the staff to do- add pickles or add onions?
Onions– 10K (L)/1 (JUST R OF 25K)/100 (R)
Answered Q’s: Jesenia

Positive Superdrop: 100 (L)/10 (L)/50K/1 (50K/100K)/100K/100 (R)/1 (FURTHEST R)
#1 (6): The Cannes Film Festival takes place in which of these foreign destinations- Swiss Alps, French Riviera or British Virgin Islands?
French Riviera– 100K
#2 (7- DOUBLE): A flooded bog’s usually found around the harvest of what fruit- cranberry, kiwi or raspberry?
Cranberry– 10K/25K
#3 (7- TRIPLE): Tourists can take a 4min tram ride to the top of which of these American attractions- Statue of Liberty, Gateway Arch or HOLLYWOOD Sign?
Statue of Liberty– 10 (R)/TWO IN 100 (R)
Negative Superdrop: 1 (FURTHEST L)/25K/1 (50K/100K)/10 (R)/THREE IN 250K


Positive Freebies:
#7- 100 (L)
#6- 1 (FURTHEST R)
#4- 1 (200K/300K)
#7- 1 (300K/400K)

#4 (4): Which song did Patrick Swayze lift Jennifer Grey to in the final dance scene of “Dirty Dancing”- “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, “Time After Time” or “Wind Beneath My Wings”?
“(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”– 300K
#5 (2- DOUBLE): Which of these advertising mascots wears both a hat & gloves- Mr. Peanut, Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger or Charlie the Tuna?
Mr. Peanut– 10 (L)/200K
#6 (3- TRIPLE): Which of these alphabets has the fewest letters- English, Greek, Hawaiian or Russian?
Hawaiian– 10 (L)/1 (200K/300K)/300K

Final Drops:
#7- 500K
#6- 10 (L)
#4- OTHER 10
#7- 300K = $104

Janeris & Jesenia did not sign the contract when it could’ve been a good deal, so with that, they became the lowest-scoring contestants of the history of the program. Janeris & Jesenia, you two made us all really angry & are this week’s Zonk Contestants of the Week (I don’t publicly announce this stuff unless I really feel the need to) & nominees for Embarrassment of the Year. Just, why????  -__-

Grade: F
Rating: 3

ant0824’s Rating: 2

Ismael’s Grade: F
Ismael’s Rating: 3


Let’s Make a Deal Results 6/19/2020


According to Bobbymgsk this episode was supposed to air on Dec. 10th while the episode that actually aired on that day was originally intended for Dec. 6th.

How Many Perfect Deals?: 1

Car Win?: No (Movin’ on Up ended with a bailout)

ZONK VICTIMS: 1 (Bobbie)

Big Deal revealed by descending door numbers (Michael by default):
SD (#2): Whirlpool kitchen + Maxine’s Heavenly stuff- Shouldn’t have listened to his brother & the audience
MD (#3): Viking Spa, outdoor shower & Adirondack chairs
BD (#1): Cruise & Maritime Voyage to Europe + $2K

Aired Quickie Deals:
Jeanette: Drink umbrella (J)($500)- $
Travis: Blindly point to a ball & identify it & its color (T)($200)- #8
Geoffrey: Thought the top part of his unicorn horn was yellow (J)- X (A:Purple)

Grade: D
Rating: 5

ant0824’s Rating: 5

Some more bad news…

Right now they are re-airing that flop of a TPIR Halloween special with a TOTAL TRAINWRECK playing of Gas Money, only two PGs won & a skunked first half, two FFBC victims & a loser won the showcase w/ a pathetic $23,301.

And on July 11th, Wheel of Fortune is re-airing an episode w/ a TOSSUP TRIPLE STUMPER (only such one of S36) + a TRAINWRECK Round 2, with only an expensive Prize Puzzle trip saving this episode from complete disaster. And this episode was the last of that record losing streak.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 6/16/2020


How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No

Big Deal revealed by descending door numbers (Raymond & Marissa):
SD (#1): SCHWINN machines & FIGHTCAMP pkg.
MD (#3): Dining rm. + BLUEPRINT credenza
BD (#2): Trips to Beaches & Park Hotel Tokyo – WINNER (revealed second)

Quickie Deals:
Allison: Dry erase marker ($500) – $
Kristen: Remembering Robert’s roommate’s name was Sam (J) – $

Grade: C-
Rating: 7

Skipps’ Grade: B-
Skipps’ Rating: 8

Another big throwback for WOF

We’re going a little further back for the week of July 6th. It’s GAC: Philidelphia from Season 33 that aired on the week of May 16, 2016.

On Tuesday, R2 began w/ seven lost turns, but the first four were kept due to the WC being lost to BANKRUPT in one of them, but the last three were edited out. Also, the PP copy included a trailer for The Angry Birds Movie.

On Wednesday, Melanie Bowen won the 1/2 CAR.

On Friday, two male contestants played, no vowels were bought in R1 & there were 2 PRs (R1 & R4). The $3K Toss-Up category was PEOPLE, while the BR category was PERSON. Also, quite a few contestants were BaV members this week:

  • Monday: Jamie Handel (jamieh)
  • Wednesday: Melanie Bowen (Melanie)
  • Friday: Dan Farino and Emily Johnson (dfarino1 & erjohnson)

Reminder on the Remaining LMAD Air Dates & The Future of TPIR

Here’s a reminder on the remaining LMAD air dates:

  • Tuesday, June 16
  • Friday, June 19
  • Wednesday, June 24
  • Friday, July 10
  • Monday, July 13
  • Dealy Awards episode on a date yet to be determined (This has gone to waste and will never air)

The stats of these remaining six shows will be added together for the final season stats. We will NOT be doing any weekly stats anytime between these air dates.

As for TPIR, the current season has most likely been wrapped up. One more episode was listed to air on July 6th on the official TPIR schedule, but we weren’t sure since we were convinced that 6/2 was the finale. But after taking a closer look at it, the episode in question was the preempted 12/9 episode that aired on 3/20, & the official TPIR site mistakenly listed it to air on 7/6 & not 3/20. But then it was changed to the 3/17 episode which was never aired on some markets. My local listings show the 1/20 episode airing on 7/6, and it was mistakenly labeled as “New.” BEST/WORST Moments of S48 of TPIR coming July 6th.

One more reminder, no TPIR 4th of July special will happen this year due to COVID-19.