Wheel of Fortune Results HALLOWEEN ’19


Cassidy: $9,750

Bradley: $7,000

Joyce: $19,365

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $14,800 + MDW

Bonus Round Win?: No ($45,000 and no better prize for you and also kisses a Perfect Week goodbye)

Skipps’ Grade: D-
Skipps’ Rating: 5

Ant0824 Rating: 5

Grade: F
Rating: 3


Let’s Make a Deal HALLOWEEN 2019


Perfect Deals: 1

Car win?: Yes

Big Deal ((Elmitchs):
Small Deal (#3): Rumpl camping gear. & SSR Sand Vipers ($4,411)
Medium Deal (#2): 75″ HDTV, rypen cabinet, Klipsch speakers & lounge chair
Big Deal (#1): 4n at Knock Castle Hotel & Spa ($12,738) + $10K- WINNER

Quickie Deals:
Emily: Hand-drawn jack-o-lantern for $500 – Successful
Family dressed as Things #1 & #2: Remembering the cash amts. on the cauldrons (J)for $300 – Successful
Another family: 31¢ (T) for $200 – Successful
Trio Dressed as DEL, ATL & CTRL Keys (only kids could answer): Thought you could put dry ice in water to make smoke come out (J)for $200 – Successful
Kya & Michelle: Tell how to make a smore for $300 – Successful

Rating: 7.5

Skipps’ Grade: B-
Skipps’ Rating: 8

Ismael’s Grade: B+
Ismael’s Rating: 8


TPIR Quickcap: HALLOWEEN ’19


Grocery Game: L

1/2 Off: L

Side by Side: L and Results in a Skunked First Half

Bargain Game: W

Flip Flop: W

Gas Money: TOTAL TRAINWRECK (Same situation as what happened on Accelerator yesterday)

Being Buried at the Cemetery: Kelly & Michael

Showcase Winner: Shelby ($23,301)

Skipps’ Grade: F-
Skipps’ Rating: 2

Grade: F-
Rating: 2

The fourth and the fifth pricing games did not air on the East Coast due to a special report.

TOTAL TRAINWRECK!! (BR wipeout + $100K/$1M loss, no Jeopardy! winner, TPIR PG wipeout & LMAD game wipeout)—Due to Gas Money (TOTAL TRAINWRECK)

Stamp of Rejection v3

Let’s Make a Deal 10/30/2019


Perfect Deals: 1

Car wins? No…










Big Deal: Suzanna

Small Deal #3: Patio Heaven Package

Medium Deal #2: SEA-DOO spark- Selected it

Big Deal #1: Fore EcoSport ($21,090)

Quickie Deals
Jasmine: Anything w/ button: Success
Emily: Tennis Ball for $500: Success
Ahmed: Thought the letter on Woody in TOY STORY was the Y for $200: Actually it was the N
Kyle and Callie: Something to write with or a piece of paper for $200: Success
Matthew: Thought the current Pope was Pope Francis for $200: Success
Anita: Anything you can clean your hands with for $200: Success

My rating: 5

Skipps’ Rating: D-
Skipps’ Grade: 5